How To Spruce Up Your Standby Generator This Spring? 

standby generator

The arrival of spring not only means respite from the cold weather and fresh bloom everywhere; it also means spring cleaning. Spring cleaning and maintenance of all appliances including your standby generator is essential to ensure that they are in top working order. Now that Spring is in the air, there are some simple things…

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Reasons Why The Generator Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping 

Circuit breaker

 When you have an adverse weather event heading your way, and you are expecting a prolonged power outage, the first thing you want to ensure is that your backup generator is fully ready to handle the outage. However, like all other types of equipment, your backup generator can also develop problems. One common problem is…

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Tell-tale Signs That Your Generator Needs Repair

Generator Repair

7 signs to look for that indicate your generator needs repair Backup generators offer homeowners and business owners peace of mind during unexpected power failures by ensuring a continuous power supply. Even a few minutes of power failure can put our daily lives on hold because so much depends on electricity. Backup generators allow you…

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Generator?

Generator repair or replacement

5 things to know before generator repair or replacement A typical generator is designed to last through many years of service. Depending on how well your generator is maintained, it can last anywhere between 10-30 years. The lifespan also depends on how often your generator is used and for how many hours. Over time, like…

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Top Reasons Why Generator Maintenance Is Important

Generator Maintenance

Why Is Generator Maintenance Important? Organizations and homeowners who invest in a generator do so to ensure power continuity. This means in the event of a power breakdown due to bad weather or another reason; your generator will automatically turn on. It will keep your home warm and the appliances running and give you continued…

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Common Fault Codes on Kohler Generators

Kohler Whole Home Generator and A&J Logo

Even with high quality generators like those produced at Kohler, there are going to be times when you will see a fault code show up on your machine. Depending on the code, there are things that you can do to attempt to troubleshoot it by looking at your Kohler manual, or you may need to call a professional generator company to fix it.

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