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Having a backup generator can help you do a lot of things while experiencing a power outage situation. You can find many different types of generators that are available on the market. Different units may have different features and benefits for all users. You can either buy or rent your generator. Every decision will have its advantages and disadvantages.

Buying a generator allows you to use your unit forever without paying the daily or monthly renting costs. However, you need to spend much more upfront if you want to own a generator. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on buying a generator, you can consider renting a generator. In this article, we are going to discuss what you can expect from renting your generator.

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The Generator Will be Well-Maintained

This is the first thing that you can expect from renting a generator. The provided generator will be well-maintained, especially when you rent a unit from a professional generator rental company like A&J. Many companies offer free regular maintenance services for the generator that you rent from them.

The rental cost usually includes the cost of having these regular maintenance services. These services are usually done every month, so you can maintain the performance of your generator. You can save a lot of money this way because you don't need to spend your money on the maintenance cost.

You Can Expect to Have Flexibility

This is one of the best benefits that you can get from renting your generator. You can rent any generators with any sizes depending on your needs. The generator choice will be a good fit for any specific occasion in your home or at a commercial property.

Renting a generator allows you to use the generator for any temporary or seasonal work on your residential or commercial properties. If you love to have flexibility in your everyday life, you can consider renting a generator for your needs. You can contact us at A&J Generator for asking about our generator rental service.

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Rent a Generator for a Specific Time

You don't need to own your generator, especially if you don't have a lot of needs supplemental power. When you want to use a generator just for the winter season, you can simply contact us for a specific time of year. You can determine how long you are going to rent the generator depending on your needs or preferences.

You can also rent a generator when you want to have any seasonal events in your home, entertainment facilities, construction companies, etc. It is highly recommended for you to set up your generator rental period, so you can get maximum benefits from this rental service.

The Rental Service Usually Includes Warranty or Insurance Coverage

This is another thing that you can expect from renting a generator. This service will include insurance or warranty coverage for your generator. You don't need to pay for the insurance premium when you rent a generator.

When you have some problems with your rented generator, you can simply call us at A&J Generator. We will send the best technicians to your place for fixing our generator. We can replace any damaged equipment or parts in our generator at any time you need our help.

Affordable Rental Rate

When you contact us at A&J Generator, you can expect to have an affordable rental rate from us. You don't need to spend a lot of your money on buying a huge generator for your home or office. A portable generator may cost about a couple hundred dollars per day, while our industrial-sized generator can cost from much more depending on your event size.

We offer an affordable generator rental rate, so our customers can afford to rent any of our generators at any time of year. The rental cost depends on many factors, including the capacity of the generator, the shipping requirements, size of the generator, etc.

If you are looking for the best generator to rent, you can consider calling us, A&J Generator & Equipment. Our company has many different types of generators to rent. Our generators can deliver the best performance for supporting any of your needs. Our generator rental service also includes delivery and pickup service to your residential or commercial properties.

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Questions You Need to Ask for Generator Rental

What size generator are you looking for?

When you are renting a generator, you’ll need to provide an estimate of the kW, voltage, and amps you need. Generators are available in a variety of sizes with some generators being able to deliver 5kW to 50kW while others can deliver up to 3mW. It’s very important that you correctly calculate the size you need. If you choose an undersized generator, you are at risk for power failures and the resulting damage to the system. If you choose a generator that’s too big, you’ll end up wasting fuel and unnecessarily increasing operational costs. After calculating and choosing the size of your generator, still make sure to ask the generator rental company to verify the accuracy of your calculations.

Do you want a portable or stationary generator?

This is important to know because the type of generator you want may impact how it will be handled and/or delivered. Portable generators are compact and lightweight as they are suitable for small to medium power applications. Depending on their size, they come in briefcase, roll-frame, and trailer-mounted types. Larger generators are skid-mounted and may need to be moved by tilt tray or crane truck.

Do you want the generator to be delivered and installed?

You need to discuss with the company you are renting from if you want to include delivery, installation, and disconnection service. You may even need their assistance in training you or your team on how to use the generator.

What is the infrastructure like in your facility?

Be prepared to answer questions in relation to the infrastructure of the facility you are renting the generator for. Such questions could include: Are tap boxes or generator quick connect boxes present? Is there a power source near the generator’s intended position? Knowing the answers to these questions can assist the rental agent in determining what preparation work your site will need.

What will you be using the generator for?

You will be expected to discuss your intended usage for the generator. You should be prepared to answer related questions such as: Is the generator required for a special event or a construction operation? Will the generator run for short periods of time, or will it need to deliver continuous power for an extended period? Being able to provide these details can help the rental company find the best generator suited for your needs?

How much fuel will you need?

Generators can operate on diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane. You’ll want to make sure that there is fuel available in the area where you intend to run the generator. You’ll, also, want to ensure that you have sufficient fuel storage capacity throughout your intended operations. In order to calculate your fuel needs, you need to conduct a reliable estimate of your hours of operation.

Are you using a single- or three-phase generator?

Whether you need a single- or three-phase generator depends on the size of machinery that you plan to run. Single-phase generators are used when loads are mostly lighting and heating, with few large electric motors. High power systems are nearly always three-phase. Single-phase motors use one set of windings to start, while three-phase motors use three sets.

Common Events to Rent a Generator For

You may be surprised by how many applications there are for generator rentals especially in the entertainment industry. Weekly, annual, or one-time events can benefit from a generator rental. A generator can be used to power music, equipment, food preparation or PA systems. While some venues may be prepared for an event’s power needs, they still may require additional or back-up power. Some events that can benefit from a generator include:

  • Concerts
  • Farmers’ Markets
  • Ice Rinks
  • Movie and TV Sets
  • Music Festivals
  • Parades
  • Sporting Events
  • Street Food Vendors
  • Weddings

It is common for events such as these to use sound and PA systems, heating and cooling systems, and lighting equipment. All of these things, especially when combined, require a lot of power. For major events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Olympics, and Coachella, equipment to broadcast or stream is necessary. These operations use computers, which require clean and reliable power. While you may not be hosting such a large-scale event, even smaller events require a lot of power to run. When you really think about it, a generator rental can be really helpful and even necessary so these everyday events can run smoothly.

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