Connecticut Portable Light Tower Repair

Portable light towers have proven to be an innovative lighting solution especially for various worksites. These lights have really revolutionized industrial lighting and have satisfied the lighting needs of many trades. So, having a portable light tower in good working condition is essential. If you find that your light tower is malfunctioning or has an issue, you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible. Hesitating to get a repair done may end up costing you more than getting the issue resolved immediately. In this guide, we’ll delve into the variety of uses for portable light towers and what kind of issues you may experience with your tower.

How Does a Portable Light Tower Work?

Light towers are portable lighting solutions that have an array of electric lamps affixed to the top of a mast. The mast attaches to a trailer-like base that serves as an anchor to balance the tower, allowing the unit to be towed from site to site. Some light towers have large and heavy trailer bases while others use small cart-like bases. The base of the tower contains a battery array, or an internal combustion engine fueled by diesel, gasoline, natural gas, or propane. The manner of the power source and the design of the base define the type of light tower. Additionally, generators are used to provide voltage to the lights. The generator receives power from an engine or batteries. Electricity is conducted from the generator to electrical cables positioned along the mast and connected to the lights.

What are the Uses of a Portable Light Tower?

As mentioned above, light towers are an essential component in many fields of work. For example, light towers are an important accessory for many construction sites. Obviously during the day, crew members have plenty of light to work with, but this isn’t the case when the nighttime hits. But a portable light tower can provide the critical light necessary for crews to work safely and efficiently at night. They aren’t constrained to working just during the daylight hours. Additionally, light towers are an essential part of jobs performed in remote or difficult to reach locations such as: road repair and construction, railroad tracks, wind towers, and tunnels. Light towers, also, serve an important purpose for military use in forward operating bases. Major sporting events even utilize light towers for additional safety measures when there is increased pedestrian traffic. Lastly, transportation improvement projects require light towers for work performed at night during minimal traffic times.

What are the Common Issues of Light Towers?

While light towers are innovative and beneficial pieces of equipment, they still have some issues. The common issues you may encounter with light towers are:

  • Moving the generator: When using the portable light tower along with the generator, you’ll have to transport them across different terrains. While the light tower is relatively easy to move, the same cannot be said for the generator. Many portable generators come with wheels, but they are not designed to handle all terrains. The weight of the generator can further exacerbate the transportation of it. 
  • Refueling the generator: A conventional gas generator has a tank capacity between 3 gallons and 6 gallons. Once the fuel is low, you will have to turn off the machine and refill it. Refueling the generator can hamper the functioning of the tower. Having to refuel can be especially difficult if you are using the portable light tower for something like a sports event.
  • Maintenance cost: Portable equipment such as light towers require a significant amount of maintenance. Without regular upkeep, they will not be reliable, and you will not be able to use them. So, you definitely have to factor in the cost of maintenance when investing in a light tower.
  • Generator breakdowns: If you aren’t careful, you may experience a generator breakdown. They are not uncommon and when it does happen, it can impact the portable light tower as well. When both pieces of equipment stop working it may take a long time to fix them. Breakdowns can result because of voltage fluctuations, overheating, short circuiting, or even cold weather.

Again, these are just some possible issues you may face. Fortunately, you can seek repairs if there is damage done and you don’t want to run the risk of worsening it. A professional can perform a variety of repairs preferably at a time that will minimize the impact of your site. In addition to repairs, professionals can perform general services such as checking fluid levels, inspecting filters, checking and adjusting voltage, inspecting fuel systems, testing lights, changing oil, etc. These services actually double as preventative measures for any possible issues that could arise.

Why Contact a Generator Company for Portable Light Tower Repair?

By now you understand that portable light towers are powered by generators. If something is amiss with the generator, then that will more than likely affect your light supply. Most of the issues associated with portable light towers relate back to the generator they are powered by. That is why contacting a generator company would be the wisest step to take when you are in need of a repair for your portable light tower. If you need assistance, look no further than A&J Generator and Equipment. We have over two decades of generator industry experience. And that’s over two decades of satisfying customers and exceeding expectations. While we don’t sell or rent out generators for portable light towers, we can most definitely repair them. If you’re in need of service or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!