Residential and commercial Generator Rentals

Type of Events We Rent Our Generators For

Whether you need light or sound, generators are crucial to making your event the best it can be. Most special occasions, such as bar mitzvahs, weddings, and graduation parties, require enough energy to power several appliances. Need to power a TV truck to stream a sports tournament? Hosting an outdoor festival or concert? Be sure to check out our list of generators so you can determine the right fit for you. The larger your event, the more power you’ll need. No matter your energy needs, our team is reliable and experienced and will provide you with the best generator to suit your event. Our technicians will assist you in making sure your generator is ready to operate, and we can provide you with 24/7 support.

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Types of Generators We Rent

We rent a wide variety of generators between 15kW and 1mW. Whether you want power for one day or a few months, we can provide you with the energy you’ll need. We have large and small generators available for special events, residential locations, construction companies, and more. Each generator is towable and diesel-powered and comes mounted on a trailer for easy and mobile use. Unsure what type of generator you need? Need help figuring out what size generator you should choose? It’s always better to go bigger than you think you need. Our team of professionals will talk to you about your specific needs to ensure we find the best generator for you.

Generator and Equipment

Generator Rental Periods

Whether you need a generator for one day or one year, we’ve got you covered. We have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rental options, including rentals for the winter months. To ensure you get the power you need in a timely manner, we have flexible delivery and pickup options, allowing you to choose when you would like your generator delivered and set up and when you would like it to be broken down and picked up. You can contact us anytime to choose and reserve your rental generator for any period of time, any time of year. Check out our wide range of rental generators to choose the right one for your needs.

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What Comes With a Rental

Before delivery, our team of experienced professionals checks to make sure your generator is ready for use. Once delivered, we set up the generator and ensure that anything that needs to be powered is working smoothly. Along with the generator, we provide all power distribution supplies you may need, including duplex panels, spider boxes, cables, outlets, extension cords, cable covers, and any other necessary supplies. After your rental period, we assist with breakdown and pickup. Our goal is to guarantee that anything you need to be powered runs smoothly and efficiently and that you have a successful rental generator experience.

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We Can Rent You A Generator!

Need a generator only for a short period of time? Or maybe just during the winter months? We have you covered! We understand that you may not know everything there is to know about generators. That’s why we can talk to you about your specific needs and get you just what you need. Our rental services include:


Sizes ranging from 10 Kw to 1000 Kw

4/0 cam cable in 50′ section

Male & female pig tails

Electrical distribution

Man power for installation of cable and distribution


Delivery and pickup of all rental equipment

Our rental customers include: Residences, Entertainment Facilities, Construction Companies, Event Planners, and Plants that are shut down for maintenance.

The Benefits of Renting a Generator from A&J

You Can Expect to Have Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits that you can get from renting a generator is flexibility. You can rent any generators and any sizes depending when and where you want. The generator choice will be a good fit for any specific occasion in your home or at a commercial property because our staff will take the time to make you a proper recommendation. Renting a generator allows you to use the generator for any temporary or seasonal work on your residential or commercial properties. If you love to have flexibility in your everyday life, renting a generator is for you.

The Generator Will be Well-Maintained

The first thing that you can expect from renting a generator from us is that it is in perfect condition. The provided generator will be well-maintained and in use to assure your rental goes smoothly. We provide regular maintenance services for the generator that you rent from us.


Affordable Rental Rate

When you contact us at A&J Generator, you can expect to get a fair and affordable rental rate. You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying a huge generator for your home or office. We carry several reputable brands available for any rental need.



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