The Costs Associated with not Maintaining Your Generator

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If your generator is not functioning correctly, it is important to call an experienced generator technician as soon as possible. Delaying or ignoring important repairs on your generator could result in larger and more costly work later on. For example, if your generator is leaking fuel, this could present an explosion risk in your home. A whole home generator is one of the most important devices in your home as it allows you to do a lot of daily tasks when an electrical outage occurs in your area. However, these complicated machines may have some problems such as battery failure, coolant leaks, low fuel levels, insufficient oil levels, a closed shutoff valve, a dirty air filter, etc. When you have some of these problems with your generator, you need to fix them as soon as possible.

Do You Need Bi-Annual Generator Maintenance?

The periodic maintenance of generators, such as oil and filter changes, allows for maximum performance and assures the reliability of your generator. It is recommended that you have your generator unit serviced approximately every six months or for every 100 hours of generator operation. This maintenance will help prolong the life of your generator and make sure that any issues are resolved before a power outage exposes the problem. If properly maintained, the engine of your generator can last for over 20 years of power outages. The reason that these engines can last for so long is that they are only used occasionally, and not 24 hours a day for 365 days a year.

Does the Generator Warranty Cover Me?

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It can be costly to install a generator in your home, however, most generators come with a warranty. The warranty will vary by brand. It is important when looking into different generators, to also research what their warranties cover. Most generator warranties typically last for two to five years and do not cover semi-annual maintenance. Read more information about the warranty that comes with brands like Briggs and Stratton and Generac.

What Can Be Prevented With Scheduled Generator Maintenance?

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Lack of power

The primary purpose of a generator is to power your home in the event of a power outage. If your generator is not functioning due to the fact that it has not been properly maintained, then it may not prevent you from experiencing power outages.

Costly repairs

Without the necessary maintenance, the cost of repairs on your generator can become expensive. When parts that have not been maintained fail, you are going to end up spending more money to repair or replace them than you would have to just maintain them. It is helpful to think of generator maintenance like getting a check up with your doctor. Just because you may feel fine and not sick, does not mean you don’t have an underlying disease or issue that can be treated better when caught early. Similarly, your generator may seem fine and may be operating well, but there may be underlying issues that you are not aware exist. With regular maintenance, you can stay on top of these issues, your generator will remain intact, and you will prevent yourself from incurring any costly repairs or replacements down the road.

Exposure to dangerous conditions:

Some of the safety risks that accompany lack of generator maintenance include:

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Generators emit carbon monoxide as they run. It is important to have a properly functioning generator as well as a properly functioning CO alarm. Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless it can kill you without your knowledge. This is also why it is recommended that generators be installed outside of the home.


If generators begin to leak fuel due to lack of proper maintenance, it can cause a fire or explosion to happen in your home. A fire can also result from the fuel leaking into the hot engine parts of the generator. Letting the generator cool down by shutting it off after each use can also help prevent overheating and fires.


It is important during generator maintenance to make sure that the wiring in your generator is intact and not frayed or damaged in order to prevent any electrocutions or electric related incidents. It is also important that your generator is protected from any moisture.

How To Schedule Your Generator Maintenance Today

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Having regular maintenance of your generator will help keep your home safe and will protect you from incurring any unnecessary costs in the future. Contact A&J Generator today to book an appointment with our professional generator repair technicians. The team at A&J Generator will ensure that your generator can function normally and will repair or replace any problematic parts immediately.

Reach out to A&J Generator today for a quote on generator maintenance!

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