Here we answer all of your generator related Frequently Asked Questions.

Family Owned Generator & Equipment Business

A&J Generator & Equipment, LLC Is A Family-owned business offering the highest level of generator and transfer switch sales, service, installation, and repairs. We serve most of Connecticut from Stamford to Guilford including Fairfield and New Haven Counties.

Commercial & Residential Service & Installation Operational Contracts

After your installation we offer service and maintenance contracts to make sure your system will be fully operational when it is needed. We can also offer service on equipment we have not installed — just ask!
Our portfolio of work includes homes, estates, events, office buildings, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and industrial plants & factories.
Can I install my own standby generator?

A Generator must be installed by a licensed installer. A Generator needs a licensed plumber and licensed electrician to hook up the generator to the house.

How far does a standby generator need to be from my house?

All cities and towns have different codes in terms of how far a generator should be from a house. In most cases, generators can be 18 inches from a dwelling and 5ft from any opening of the house. But check with your local city before installation.

Does a standby generator add value to a home?

A standby generator adds value to your home when installed by a professional. With the right permits and if a generator install is up to code, studies have shown a generator can increase a home value anywhere between 1-4%. Many home sellers install a generator on their home for a quicker sale and higher return on the home.

How long does a standby generator last?

With a competent generator service company, a generator should last anywhere between 15-30 years. There are many factors that play into a generator lifespan including frequent generator service, the amount of hours on the generator, and performing correct checks on the generator during a prolonged outage.

How often should a standby generator be serviced?

A Standby generator should be serviced every 6 months or every 100 hours of generator operation. This will help prolong the life of a generator and a generator technician can catch issues before a storm exploits a generator problem.

What Does A&J Generator Look for on Maintenance Calls?

A & J goes through a series of over 100 checks during the maintenance of a generator. The bottom line is A&J makes sure your generator is ready to run for an extended outage. We go above and beyond the normal oil change that makes our customers feel content during an outage and alleviates emergency service calls. Due to improper preventive maintenance.

How do I rent a generator?

A & J has a full fleet of tow behind diesel generators that are always ready for rent. During normal days of operation, you can call in and reserve the type and size you need for any type of occasion. During a natural disaster, our rental fleet is on a first come, first serve basis.

What size generator will I need for my outdoor event?

Most outdoor small events such as weddings, graduations, Christmas tree lightings, bar mitzvahs, drive in movie theaters, and backyard parties need a 25kW generator. Our generators usually power DJ’s, Lights, and a small cook tent.

For outdoor events on a greater scale like charity events, concerts, balls, and very large gatherings with a full cooking station, these events usually need our generators that range from 60kW – 250kW depending on your demand.

What brands does A&J recommend for residential generators?

A & J generator sells and installs Briggs and Stratton Generators. A & J installs them due to their reliability and their phenomenal customer support that includes fast shipping on parts, best industry warranty, and competitive pricing on all models.

What brands does A&J recommend for commercial generators?

A & J generator sells and installs Blue Star Power Systems Generator Sets. Blue Star Generators are fully made in the U.S.A. and have a great reputation of making reliable generator sets.