How To Spruce Up Your Standby Generator This Spring? 

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The arrival of spring not only means respite from the cold weather and fresh bloom everywhere; it also means spring cleaning. Spring cleaning and maintenance of all appliances including your standby generator is essential to ensure that they are in top working order. Now that Spring is in the air, there are some simple things you can do to keep your generator performing at its peak efficiency:  

Clear all foliage surrounding your standby generator 

The foliage does not directly impact the health and performance of your generator but it is important to keep all the trees and shrubs trimmed. It is a great way to prevent damage to the landscape due to heat produced by the standby generator.  Keeping the generator clear of all foliage allows easy access for repair and maintenance and ensures complete safety. 

Keep the area around the generator clear 

Make sure that the three feet areas surrounding your standby generator are free from any debris or obstructions. This helps maintain proper airflow and keeps your unit running effectively and safely. When clearing the area around your generator, do not forget the top of the generator. Keep the top of the generator free from any inflammable objects to avoid fire hazards.  

Preventive maintenance 

While you can carry out the basic cleaning around your standby generator yourself, you will need professional help for complete service maintenance. Preventive maintenance is the most important thing that you need to keep your generator in good health. Regardless of whether you have a diesel or natural gas-powered generator, annual preventive maintenance is a must. Preventive maintenance includes general inspection of the system, service, and test of batteries, lubrication, and service of the cooling and fuel systems.  

Timely repairs 

Spring is the perfect time to carry out generator repairs. During preventive maintenance, the generator technicians can spot potential issues and carry out necessary repairs. Carrying out timely repairs is extremely important as small issues can worsen over time. Several issues such as fuel leaks, low coolant levels, a failed battery, or damaged electrical connections can be easily spotted during preventive maintenance. If ignored, these problems can cause deterioration of the unit even if it is not in use.  

What are the benefits of spring maintenance?  

As we said earlier, the key benefit of checking the generator is to prevent sudden breakdowns when you need it the most. Professionals know exactly what to look for when inspecting and servicing your generator. They will notice any unwanted changes and recommend repairs that may be necessary to keep your generator up and running.  

Professional maintenance also ensures that your generator operates at peak efficiency. It helps identify small issues that can affect the efficiency and longevity of your generator in the long run. If ignored, these small issues can lead to poor efficiency and your generator will run out of fuel faster than it should. Proper generator maintenance, when done regularly, can enhance the lifespan of your generator. This is particularly important for older generators as they need better care and maintenance.  Periodic maintenance can keep it in the best condition for when you need it the most.  

Looking for spring generator maintenance? 

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