Common Fault Codes on Kohler Generators

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Even with high quality generators like those produced at Kohler, there are going to be times when you will see a fault code show up on your machine. When this happens, there is no need to panic. Most of these issues are fairly trivial and don’t mean that your whole home generator is ruined. Depending on the code, there are things that you can do to attempt to troubleshoot it by looking at your Kohler manual, or you may need to call a professional generator company to fix it. Some of the more common fault codes are listed below with some tips on how to troubleshoot them.

Accessory Power Overload (Code Accy PwrOver Warning)

If you find yourself reading the error code “Accy PwrOver Warning” on your Kohler generator then this usually indicates only one issue. It means that the generator is receiving too much power and has been overloaded. Typically, this happens when the generator short-circuits and it can cause major issues for the unit. After this error code appears, your generator will not shutdown, but it will issue this as a warning. When this error code occurs then you should contact Kohler, or a servicing professional to fix the generator as it would be difficult to repair on your own.

Low Oil Pressure (Code: Oil Press Low)

When you see the code for low oil pressure then it means that your generator is detecting that it has not had consistent oil pressure for more than 5 seconds. If this is the case, then your generator should shutdown shortly after the warning shows up on the unit. If this ever occurs to your generator, then there are a few troubleshooting techniques that may correct the problem. You can check for leaks in the lubrication system, add oil to the system if you notice that the oil level really is low, or you can check the oil pressure switch and wiring to ensure that no internal issue has occurred. If an issue like this has occurred, then you can call in a professional to help you fix it.

Battery Charger Fault (Code: Batt Chg Flt)

When this error message appears on your unit then it means that your generator has detected an issue with the external battery charger. This error code will not trigger a shutdown in your machine but will issue a warning. To fix this, you can check the external battery charger. If there is an issue, then you may contact Kohler.

Low Cranking Voltage (Code: Lo Crank Vlt)

This error codes indicates that your generator has detected a low cranking voltage in your machine. Basically, this means that battery voltage has fallen below a certain threshold that is unusual. If this occurs, the machine will not shutdown but will issue you a warning. To fix this you can charge or replace your battery.

Over crank (Code: Over Crank)

If you find yourself with this very common error code then that means you have attempted to start your machine three separate times without being able to do so. Though this can happen for a number of reasons, there are a few things to look out for initially. First, try checking your fuel supply, spark plug and battery. These three things are most often the cause of an over crank or startup issue and starting here can save a lot of headaches. If none of these things prove to be the problem, you can look for loose connections. A loose connection is also fairly common in a machine that has been operated heavily. If none of these things work then you can start looking for help. Try contacting a professional, or you can contact Kohler directly if need be.


Though there are a large number of error codes that could show up on your Kohler whole house generator or any other generator, you probably won’t find yourself encountering them often. If you do encounter them frequently then that likely means there is some kind of large issue with your unit, or the way you’re caring for it. Regardless, the codes that you do encounter should be surface level enough for you to handle them most of the time, and it is in only a few circumstances that an outside power expert must be called in to fix the issue. With the knowledge in this blog in mind, we hope we have helped you understand why you may be seeing the error code that you're seeing, what it means for your unit, and what needs to be done to get it fixed.