What Does Generac’s Generator Warranty Provide?

Generac Warranty

If you’re looking to purchase a generator, you may have heard of Generac, a trusted brand to provide you with quality and long-lasting power. Before you consider your purchase of a Generac generator, you’ll want to be sure to check out their warranty guidelines and understand what is and isn’t covered.

Where Can I Find Generac’s Warranty?

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Whenever you purchase a Generac generator, you’ll want to check out the Generac Power Systems 5 Year (5M) Limited Warranty for Standby Generators, the standard warranty that applies to each permanently wired and mounted unit.

The warranty begins upon the successful start-up or activation of a unit, and in order for the warranty to take action, the unit must be registered and the proof of purchase must be available. In addition, all warranty repairs, questions, or concerns must be handled by an authorized or certified Generac Service Dealer in order for the warranty to remain applicable.

While the complete warranty guide can be found here, we’ve put together a list of some important points you should know, such as how many years you’re covered and what is and is not included in the warranty.

How Many Years am I Covered?

Depending on whether you live in the US/Canada or internationally, you’ll be covered for up to 5 years (US/Canada) or up to 3 years (international). In addition, Generac sometimes offers specials at an additional cost which extend your warranty up to 7 years.

All air-cooled generators have 5 year warranties, with 1-2 years covering parts, labor, and limited travel; 3 years covering parts only; and 4-5 years covering major parts only, such as the engine.

Are Parts Covered? And for How Long?

Some parts are not covered at all during the warranty period or are covered for a limited time only. Usually, all parts are covered for up to 3 years, with major parts being covered for up to 5. In addition, parts such as Generac-supplied engine coolant heaters, heater controls, and circulating pumps are only covered during the first year.

What Does Generac’s Warranty NOT Cover?

While Generac’s warranty covers all their generators and parts, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to what they do not cover, such as non-Generac parts and damages caused after receiving the generator. Here is a more exhaustive list of what their warranty does not cover:

  • Costs of routine maintenance, such as tune-ups, associated parts, adjustments, loose clamps, installation, and start-up
  • Repairs or diagnostics performed by someone other than an Authorized or Certified Generac Service Dealer
  • Damage or failure caused after receiving the generator, including accidents, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper installation, improper sizing, and/or an infestation of rodents or insects
  • Damage to any covered components or damages caused by non-OEM parts
  • Damage during shipping, handling, or due to improper storage
  • Damage caused by the use of improper fuels or other components not recommended by Generac
  • Damage caused by modifications not authorized by Generac
  • Indirect damage caused by material flaws or workmanship
  • Indirect damage caused by a delay in the repair or replacement of flawed parts
  • Failure caused by external, extreme causes outside of Generac’s control, such as natural disasters and theft
  • Purchase of and labor related to starting batteries, fuses, light bulbs, and engine fluids
  • Rusting due to improper installation or a harsh environment
  • Expedited shipping costs
  • Additional costs for repairs outside of normal business hours (such as overtime, holidays, or emergencies)
  • Units related to the following applications as defined by Generac:
    • Prime Power
    • Trailer Mounted
    • Rental Unit

It’s also important to keep in mind that certain parts (such as engine coolant heaters and circulating pumps) are only covered for a year or two, rather than the full five years.

Are Generac Generators Reliable?

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Based on customer reviews, some Generac generators remain reliable for several years, while others break down often. Having a generator installed by a professional and having it inspected each year is the best way to ensure it keeps running smoothly.

How are Generac’s Reviews?

Out of 5 stars, most consumers rate Generac generators as 4/5 stars. Many consumers have had their generator for up to 10 years with little or no issues.

However, reviews which give 1 or 2 stars explain that Generac’s generators can get pricey and certain parts have broken or loosened quickly without Generac offering much support or honoring their warranty. Overall, though, there is an abundance of 4- and 5-star ratings. (Source: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/generac-power-systems.html).


We hope this guide has been helpful in providing details about Generac generators and their warranty. While there have been mixed reviews about the reliability and support Generac provides, their warranty is clear and concise, offering you peace of mind should you decide to invest in a Generac generator.

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