What Does Briggs & Stratton’s Warranty Provide?

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If you’re looking to buy a generator, we highly recommend Briggs & Stratton, our #1 recommended brand. Not only are Briggs & Stratton appliances guaranteed to be high quality, but their customer service team is also easy to work with, and they receive excellent reviews.

Another pro of working with B & S is their clear-cut warranty for standby generators, which offers up to a 10-year warranty on fortress models and a 6-year warranty on base models. Read below for more information on their warranty!

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Where Can I Find Briggs & Stratton’s Warranty?

Depending on your product, you can find the specific warranty on their warranty information page here. For standby generators, the owner’s manual and included warranty guide can be found here. However, we’ve highlighted some important points in this article to give you an idea of what a Briggs & Stratton warranty for standby generators is like.

There are two main kinds of warranties for B & S standby generators: a fortress model warranty and a base model warranty. A fortress model comes with a 10-year warranty, while a base model comes with a 6-year warranty. Each warranty covers parts, labor, and travel for the maximum warranty period.

If a product or part is under warranty, B & S will repair your generator at no cost to you. This includes diagnosis, parts, and labor. However, be sure to save your receipt or proof of purchase to ensure you are eligible for the full warranty period.

How Many Years Are you Covered?

From the date of purchase, you are covered for either 6 or 10 years, again depending on whether you have a base or fortress model respectively.

Are Parts Covered? And for How Long?

All parts are covered for as long as the warranty lasts, so either 6 or 10 years depending on the model. In addition, labor and travel costs are covered throughout the warranty period.

However, there are some parts, services, and circumstances which are not covered, and these are explained in more detail below.

What Does Briggs & Stratton’s Warranty NOT Cover?

Knowing what a warranty doesn’t cover is just as important as knowing what it does! While Briggs & Stratton covers all parts, labor, and travel for the warranty period, here is a detailed list of what they do not cover.

  • Damages due to:
    • Misuse or neglect
    • Shipping, handling, and improper storage
    • Improper installation
    • Incidental or consequential damages that happen during events like repairs or routine maintenance
    • Any damages or failures that occur if the manufacturing date or serial number has been removed
    • Any damages or failures that occur if the equipment is altered or modified by the consumer or in any unauthorized way
    • Normal wear and tear
    • Any parts that were installed or altered in an improper or unauthorized way
    • Accidental damages
    • Damages due to overloading or overspeeding the equipment
    • Normal, routine maintenance for parts like air filters or for adjustments and fuel system cleaning and obstruction
    • Events beyond the manufacturer’s control, such as natural disasters or theft
    • Accessory parts such as starting batteries, generator adapter cord sets, and storage covers

Are Briggs & Stratton’s Products Reliable?

Based on consumer reviews, B & S products last for several years with minimal defects or failures. Even if repairs occur, the 6-year or 10-year warranty for standby generators offers you peace of mind and ensures that each part and appliance will continue to perform well.

As with any generator, the reliability depends upon external factors as well as the quality of the generator itself. While things like harsh weather and insect infestations may be unavoidable, each generator is built to withstand the elements, with each model having its own pros and cons depending upon factors like wattage and types of material.

How are Briggs & Stratton’s Reviews?

B & S generators are included in many home reviews, often listed as among the best home generators. In particular, customers are impressed by the versatility of B & S generators, with their ability to run just a few home appliances during a storm or keep the entire house buzzing.

B & S is also known for their affordability and long-lasting quality. For over a century, B & S has been a trusted brand for generators and other appliances.


We hope you’ve found this guide to Briggs & Stratton warranties helpful. With trusted experience and high-quality appliances, as well as an inclusive and flexible warranty, it’s an easy choice to have A&J Generator install your Briggs & Stratton generator.

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