Generac Standby Generators

Why We Work with Generac

We work with Generac because Generac is the largest Generator company in the world. For every 10 houses with generators, about 6 have Generac Generators. A & J is authorized to sell and service all makes and models of the Generac product. There are certain applications where Generac is the right generator for the job and A & J has the ability to install a Generac if need be.

Generac Models we recommend for smaller homes

Smaller Home

20kW generator is usually sufficient for most smaller homes. A form of these generators have been produced by Generac for about 10 years now, so they are ready when needed. They can power most appliances in the home so a customer is never without power.

Generac Models we recommend for larger homes

larger home

22kW Liquid Cooled Generator. These generators are 1800rpm so they run very smooth.They have a liquid cooled motor which means it is meant for longer run times and is reliable when called upon.

Common Issues one may run into with a Generac

Common Issues when purchasing a Generac is the generator’s warranty is unfavorable. Most generac air cooled generators have a 5 year warranty, where only the first 2 years labor is covered and first 3 years parts are covered. It isn’t so much a mechanical issue, but customers do get discouraged because after 2 years of owning the generator, the labor is no longer covered under warranty.

warning sign

our maintenance program

A & J Generator has a very in depth maintenance program made to find problems before outages exploit them. A & J performs 2 maintenance visits a year (every 6 months). A & J’s Generac technicians know each model in and out. The maintenance program is meant for the homeowner to get the most out of their generator and prolong the life of their investment.

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Generac Installs by A&J