3 Most Common Generac Errors

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Generac’s are the most repaired standby units by us here at A&J Generator & Equipment. This generator brand is very popular due to quality branding, appearance, and function. If you have a Generac generator in your home or office, you need to know some common errors that may occur on your generator.

Once you identify any of these errors you should call one of our friendly office staff members who can schedule a time for repair that works around your schedule. All of our technicians are familiar with all residential and commercial Generac models.

Generac Error Code and A&J Logo

1. Overcrank 1100

When we are talking about the most common error in the Generac generator, we cannot forget this common error. When you have an improperly maintained generator, you would like to get this error in the future. The overcrank warning means the unit is trying to crank, however is not actually starting and coming up to the typical speed this generator is programmed for.  Some factors that will lead to this overcrank issue will be around weak battery, gas supply issue, empty propane tank, or an incorrectly installed generator. This problem will prevent you from using your generator in your home or your office to its full potential.

If your Generac uses propane, you may want to make sure that the tank is full, or at least above 30% or you may have problems.

2. RPM Sense Loss

This is another common issue that you may have with your generator. This problem will cause the engine to shut down while running. The control board cannot sense the engine running here. This problem will prevent you from using your Generac generator completely.

Here are some common factors that will lead to this issue.

When the fuel supply is cut off during operation time, the generator cannot get enough fuel to the system.

Another common factor that will lead to this RPM sense loss issue is the faulty part in the start circuit. This faulty part will cause the generator to stop running and operating.

For solving this problem, you may want to shut down the generator and restart it. Then, you can clear the alarm button by pressing the Enter button and Auto button. If this solution cannot solve your problem, you may want to schedule a service call.

3. Under voltage

The generator controller can detect that the unit cannot produce enough output sufficient voltage. As the result, this problem can be considered an undervoltage issue. This issue is usually caused by the problematic voltage regulator circuit. This part of the generator may have some broken parts and functionality. Therefore, you will need to call a generator shop who can get you this part.

Once the part is installed the generator needs to be fully tested by a professional, especially if you want to find the real problems with this generator.

Call Professional Generator Repair Experts Today

If you have any of those problems with your generator, you shouldn’t try to fix them yourself. You need to hire a generator service and not an electrician as the repairmen need to be properly licensed and insured. Licensed technicians usually have a lot of brand knowledge and specific skills, so they will be ready to solve your generator issues with efficiency. They will bring all the necessary tools or equipment to you solve your Generac error codes. These tools can be used to accelerate their work, so they can solve your generator issues in your home or office quickly and easily. Our generator repair service is available for all customers at a very affordable price. Contact us today.

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