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Why We Work with Blue Star

A & J works with Blue Star Power Systems because Blue Star is an American-owned company that manufactures their generators in Minnesota. Blue Star is a big enough company to meet any type of spec work for any application, but they are also small enough to make custom generators for any customers' needs. Blue Star uses the best possible parts when making their generators that A & J has nothing but great things to say about their product, from the engines they use, to the enclosures they build or the controllers they install, Blue Star takes the best parts of the generator industry and create their own generator with them.

Blue Star Models we recommend for smaller businesses

small business

A & J recommends Blue Star generators between the 60-150kw range for smaller business’s. This kw range is perfect for smaller businesses because it’s sufficient enough to get businesses through longer outages without the business skipping a beat. Its great for smaller office buildings, restaurants, apartment complexes. These generators can be run on propane, natural gas, or diesel.

Blue Star Models we recommend for larger

warehouse large business

A & J recommends generators between 200kW and 2mW range for larger businesses. These units are industrial type units that are meant to run a big facility. With a generator this large on a business, it usually means a business cannot be down for any amount of time due to safety reasons, product output, or the bottom line. A & J recommends diesel generators if a business were to install a generator of this magnitude. Blue Star Diesel Generators are one of the most reliable generators on the market in terms of breaking down and maintenance during a prolonged outage.

Job Examples with Blue Star Power System Generators


Many restaurants install generators on their buildings. They usually have 40-100kW generators on their buildings. Most run off of propane or natural gas because restaurants usually use one of those combustible gases already for some type of cooking. Restaurants install generators because it isn’t a very common thing restaurants have. So if a town is suffering a week long outage and only one restaurant is open, well that one week of an outage will pay for the generator in no time. Restaurants also like having generators because they do not like having to throw out food if they were to lose power and the freezers stopped doing their job.


Many manufacturing facilities install generators because most large manufactures gross revenue in one day can pay for 1 generator installation on their building. So if a large manufacturer were to be out of power for over a week, well the generator would then have paid for itself and the manufacturer won’t have to worry about any type of down time. Large manufacturing facilities always benefit from a standby generator. Blue Star offers both Gaseous and Diesel models.

our maintenance program

A & J Generator has a very in depth maintenance program made to find problems before outages exploit them. A & J performs 2 maintenance visits a year (every 6 months). A & J’s Blue Star technicians know each model in and out. The maintenance program is meant for the business owner to get the most out of their generator and prolong the life of their investment.

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