Blue Star Gaseous Product Line Generator Review

blue star gas generator

A&J Generator and Equipment fulfills all generator needs with their services including generator installation, rentals, repairs, and maintenance. They carry the most trusted brands on the market with Blue Star being a popular choice. Blue Star Power Systems Inc. manufactures all their generators right here in the USA and offers a wide range of generators to accommodate any building size or power need. Blue Star has an extensive gaseous product line ranging from 25 kW to 1050 kW. Their gaseous product line includes 23 models of standby stationary generators and 13 models of prime power stationary generators.

Best Models for Homes/ Small Buildings

Blue Stars’ gaseous product line has generators containing engines manufactured by either General Motors or Power Solutions Int. The kW of each engine essentially tells you what the power output is. In the gaseous product line, the range Blue Star offers for the standby stationary generators with a General Motor engine is 50 to 100 kW. The range for gaseous standby stationary generators with a Power Solutions Int. engine is 25 to 1050 kW. The gaseous prime power stationary generator with a General Motor engine is 55 kW and the ones with a Power Solutions Int. engine range from 25 to 900 kW. For reference, 15 kW is powerful enough to run a small home and 25 kW is enough power to run a small to medium sized home. So, for a very small building, the standby stationary models PS25-01 (20 kW) and PS25-02 (25 kW) would be sufficient, along with the prime power stationary model PS25-02P (25 kW). For a medium to large home, 36 kW should be enough to power mostly any single family home. A standby stationary model that would work well for homes on the larger side or buildings the size of a large home is PS40-01 (40 kW) and a prime power stationary model that would be a good choice for buildings this size is PS40-01P (35 kW).

Best Models for Large Facilities

Luckily, Blue Star generators have you covered when it comes to powering anything from a small building to a large commercial building. If you are looking for a generator that will be compatible with the power needs of a large building that is very electrically demanding, you probably need around 50 kW. This number will increase with additional square feet or additional power use. For example, restaurants may need up to 100 kW in order to operate normally, as they use many appliances at once. Most generators that are over 50 kW are not typically for home use. Blue Star is a commercial generator company, so the majority of their generators fall into this area of higher wattage. With that being said, although there are lots of Blue Star generator options that would accommodate large facilities, here are just a few models of standby stationary generators that would be good for bigger buildings: GM100-03 (100 kW), PS150-01 (150 kW), NG150-01 (150 kW). Some models of prime power stationary generators in the gaseous product line that would suit large facilities are: NG200-01P (175 kW), NG600-01P (550 kW), and NG800-01P (660 kW).

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Product Maintenance

If an issue with your generator ever arises, it is best to get it serviced as soon as possible to prevent further complications and damage. Some of the services that may be needed include battery failure, coolant leaks, low fuel level, insufficient oil level, closed shut off valve, dirty air filter, etc. It is important to make sure your generator is functioning properly at all times. We can not always plan a power outage, but we can always be prepared for one.

Product Life

Product life is usually dependent on how well the generator is maintained and the intensity of its use. A typical standby generator lasts between 20 to 40 years. Blue Star generators are top of the line and are built to outlast the average standby generator. A well maintained Blue Star generator can last in the upwards of that range of 20 to 40 years. It is rare that a Blue Star generator breaks down early on in its life, as Blue Star puts all their products through thorough testing and works to engineer the most trusted generators out there. In the case of a malfunction, the 1 to 2 year manufacturer warranty usually is enough to catch any flaws and get them taken care of.

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Blue Star Warranties from Manufacturer

Blue Star's generators come with a full factory warranty. They back their products because they have confidence in the quality and performance of their generators. Blue Star offers a couple different warranties varying in length depending on the generator you choose. They have a 2 year/ 2000 Hour Standby Warranty, along with a 1 year/ 1500 Hour Prime Warranty. When purchasing a Blue Star generator, you never have to worry about being stuck with a faulty product and both literally and figuratively being left in the dark by the company.

Blue Star generators are essential for protecting your business. Blue Star knows that time is money, so they engineered the most reliable generators on the market to ensure that no time or progress is lost in the case of an electrical disaster in the workplace. They are easy to operate and the company offers great support and clear instruction manuals that will guarantee the continuation of work in no time. These generators are made to be safe and efficient and no business is complete without one. Having any generator model from the Blue Star gaseous product line will give all company owners great peace of mind. With Blue Star, they can always trust that they are getting an extremely high quality power solution for the smooth operation of business at all times.

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