Common Generator Issues and Their Repairs

Residential Generator Repair

When you look at the market, you can find some popular residential standby generators. Different generators require different maintenance procedures. In this article, we are going to talk about some common generator issues that may occur in your unit.

You need to solve some of these issues immediately, so you can get maximum benefits from your unit. You also need to know the overall repair costs that you need to spend, especially when you want to fix your broken unit immediately.

Residential Generator Repair


Some Common Generator Issues

1. Dead Battery

Battery is very important to support the overall performance of your generator. Some common issues may occur on your battery, for example, old battery, battery charging issue, and also corroded battery terminals.

Professional generator repair service can help you determine if you are required to clean your battery terminals or replace your battery completely. Regular battery terminal cleaning service is usually available for a lower cost. If you need to replace the battery of your generator, you may want to prepare a much larger budget depending on your generator brand.

2. Lack of Maintenance

It is highly recommended for you to do some regular maintenance procedures for taking care of your generator. Regular service will change any old or broken parts, so you can ensure that the generator can run sufficiently. Preventive maintenance procedures can find any problems before they can cause further damage during an outage.

Most generator repair service companies will charge about $200 to $300 for doing some maintenance procedures for the standby generator. You need to do the maintenance procedure at least once every year.

3. Natural Gas or Propane Fuel Supply Issue

This is another common issue that may occur on your residential standby generator. When you have this issue, your generator cannot work properly. Professional generator repair service experts are going to check on your generator unit for finding the right fuel specification.

Your fuel supply pipe is the main key for having the right fuel flow for running a generator. When this pipe has some broken parts, your generator unit may not work normally. Therefore, this fuel supply pipe should be checked and maintained regularly. Regular fuel pipe check service is part of our repair process.

If your fuel tank is damaged, you will also need to replace it with the new one. The damaged fuel tank inside your generator will cost you another visit from your repair service. When this situation occurs, you need to contact the right generator service for repairing any damaged fuel tank in your generator as soon as possible.

4. Incorrect Installation

When you hire any non-factory certified installers for installing your generator, you may have some problems in the future. They may install many parts of your generator incorrectly. When this problem is continued, your generator unit may not work normally when it is needed.

When this situation occurs, you need to hire the best generator experts in this industry. These professional experts are going to charge you a premium for installing any parts of your generator correctly. It is very important to follow the owner’s manual for installing any parts of the unit in the right place.

5. Faulty Circuit Board

This is another common issue that may occur on your generator. Bugs, lightning, animals, and also power surges can damage the circuit board inside your unit. When this problem occurs, you cannot use your generator during an emergency. Therefore, you need to hire the best service for fixing any problems with your circuit board in your generator.

Different generators may have their circuit boards. Most circuit boards are range in price depending on the brand. You need to hire the best service for installing this circuit board inside your generator unit. This small part should be placed correctly, so it can turn on your standby generator unit immediately.

When you have any of those problems on your generator, you have to hire the best generator service company today. You can always call the A&J Generator and Equipment LLC. Our company has some professional technicians who have experience in handling any common generator issues in your home. They have more than 20 years of experience in working in this generator industry.

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