Things to do During a Power Outage

A&J Generator during power outage

A power outage may occur at any time, either day or night. It usually happens when there is an emergency, such as heavy winds, strong thunderstorms, hurricanes, freezing rains, etc. Some of these extreme weather conditions can damage power lines and also equipment. Heatwaves and cold snaps can also overload power systems. During a power outage, you will have to stay without air conditioning and heating system, lighting, hot water, running water, etc. You will face a lot of challenges during this situation. Here are some useful tips on how you can stay prepared and sane during a power outage.

A&J Generator during power outage

Check the circuit breaker panel

This is the first thing that you have to do before you can take care of other things on this list. You need to check whether the power outage is limited to your home or has affected your block or neighborhood. If other people in your area still have power, you need to check your circuit breaker panel and fuse box. If you trip a breaker, any switches on the panel may be turned off. When this situation occurs, you only need to turn them on for restoring the power in your home. If an event like weather caused your outage, there may not be much you can accomplish here.


Turn on your battery radio

During a power outage, you will not have any access to the outside world past the life of your phone’s battery. Once your phone is dead the only device that can help you get access to the outside world is the battery radio. You should ensure that you have extra batteries for this radio well in advance. This allows you to listen to any news and other important things from the governments or authorities. When something bad occurs in your state, for example, due to hurricane or storm, you will be instructed via radio. You can follow all instructions to outlast this emergency.


Turn off any appliances in your home

This is another important thing that you need to do. When this power outage situation occurs, you have to turn off all of your appliances. When the power returns, you are going to notice a surge of electrical energy. This energy will cause some damage to certain sensitive equipment, such as laptops, computers, televisions, etc. The sudden electricity demand from the working appliances can cause the breakers on the panel to trip. Therefore, you need to turn off any appliances when you are suffering from a power outage.


Stay comfortable in your home

You should never have to panic when there is a power outage if you have given even the slightest thought to this occurring again after recent bad storms in the area. These power outages can last for a long time. Make a plan for how you and your family will stay hydrated. Don’t forget to call 911 when you find an emergency medical case in your family. Have blankets and fans ready so you can move all of your family members to a room with a comfortable temperature.


Keep your freezer and fridge closed

Another important pointer that can help you in an emergency. When a power outage occurs, you should keep your fridge and freezer closed, unless it is necessary. A full freezer will still keep all of your foods frozen for another 2 – 3 days when the door remains closed. This frozen food can keep you and your family members safe during a power outage. When the situation is prolonged, you can still eat some proper foods for a few days before help or a trek outdoors.


Avoid this emergency by installing a generator

Before you face any challenges during a power outage, you may want to consider installing a good generator for your home by hiring the experts at A&J. We install standby, whole-home generators that can be connected to the electrical system of your home via an approved transfer panel. The best and only way this device should be installed at your home is by a professional qualified technician. Call us today to install the best generator that can be suitable for your needs.

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