Blue Star Diesel Product Line Generator Review

blue star diesel generator

Blue Star Power Systems Inc. is one of the top American made generator companies.
With nearly 20 years of experience, Blue Star generators are built to never let you down. The
Blue Star team is composed of highly trained power specialists who strive for nothing less than
perfection. They take pride in their products and make customer satisfaction and safety #1
priorities. Blue Star carries an extensive diesel product line of generators ranging from 20 kW to
2000 kW for all your commercial generator needs. Their diesel product line offers countless
models from four well trusted engine manufacturers: John Deere, Mitsubishi, Perkins, and Volvo. The diesel product line has standby stationary generators, tier 4 final standby/prime
stationary generators, as well as tier 4 final mobile generators.

Options for Smaller Buildings

The engine manufacturers in the Blue Star diesel product line tend to have smaller
kW units are John Deere and Perkins. The units with the lowest kW are a few of the standby
stationary generators. Although Blue Star is a commercial generator company, some of their
units are even low enough for residential use. The lowest kW generators offered in the Blue Star
diesel product line are the standby stationary generators with the Perkins engine in the models
PD20-01IT4 ( 20 kW), PD30-01IT4 (30 kW) and the standby stationary generator with the John
Deere engine in the model JD30-03IT4 (30 kW). Some more models of standby stationary
generators from the diesel product line that would be acceptable for a building on the smaller
side are JD40-03 (40 kW), JD50-03 (50 kW), JD60-02 (60 kW), JD80-02 (80 kW), PD50-01 (50
kW), PD60-01 (60 kW), and PD80-01 (80 kW). Some models of tier 4 final standby/prime
stationary generators that would also be good for smaller buildings are JD40-04FT4 (40 kW),
JD60-04FT4 (60 kW), and JD80-03FT4 (80 kW). Some of the tier 4 final mobile generator models that are compatible for small buildings are JD40-04FT4MP (40 kW), JD60-04FT4MP
(60 kW)
, and JD80-03FT4MP (80 kW).

Options for Bigger Buildings

The wide power range of Blue Star Generators is just one of the company’s great assets.
Although they carry generators that adequately suit a home or small business, they also have
generators strong enough to power large buildings, factories, warehouses, etc. and everything in
between. The engine manufacturer of Blue Star's most powerful generator is Mitsubishi. This
generator is a 2000 kW standby stationary generator in the diesel product line and its model
number is MD2000-01. If you need a powerful machine but aren't in need of this many kW,
Blue Star has lots of other great options for every power level going down from this. Some of
Blue Star’s standby stationary generators 500 kW and up that would also work for very large
buildings are MD1600-01, MD1250-01, MD1000-01, MD800-01, PD750-01, PD600-01,
PD550-01, PD500-01, VD600-03, VD550-01, and VD500-01. The models of tier 4 final
standby/prime stationary generators 500 kW and up are VD550-02FT4 and VD600-02FT4. The
tier 4 final mobile generator models 500 kW and above are VD550-02FT4MP and VD600-

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Product Life/ Product Maintenance

A well maintained Blue Star generator from the diesel product line should last anywhere
from 2 to 4 decades, depending on the amount of use. A generator only ran on emergency and
properly stored when not in use is bound to outlast one that is run 24/7 for its whole life. Blue
Star Generators are very high quality and must pass many inspections and tests to be put on the
market, so they tend to hold up better than many competitors. However, they are still complex
machines that are doing a big job, therefore if there's an issue with your generator you may require service for battery failure, coolant leaks, low fuel level, insufficient oil level, closed shut off valve, dirty air filter, etc. When a problem is detected, is it best to get it fixed as soon as possible to ensure safe,
effective use.

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Warranties from Manufacturer

Blue Star’s products are backed with a 1 to 2 year full warranty. A defective Blue Star
generator is very rare, but if you happen to be an unlucky recipient, there is no need to worry.
Blue Star has this covered.

In conclusion, you can not go wrong with a Blue Star generator, especially with the huge
selection of models in the diesel product line. There is something for a building of any size or
power demand. During a power outage, the last thing a business should have to work about is a
difficult, flaky generator. Blue Star makes only products you can rely on. These generators will
protect your business by preventing lost work and lost time.

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