Why We Choose Blue Star Generators

Blue Star Commercial Generators

Are you looking for the best and most effective commercial generators? You can contact A&J Generators and Equipment to install the best generators for your commercial properties. We install the most reliable generators that are time proven with the most powerful systems available. One of the most popular brands our company is always suggesting is Blue Star. Many people leave good reviews about these generators because they are happy with the performance and relatively low maintenance needed from these generators. In this article, we are going to discuss some popular models from Blue Star generators and the benefits of using these units.

Blue Star Generators

Types of Generators from Blue Star

Gaseous Generators

Blue Star offers about 10 different types of gaseous generators for all customers. These generators come with different capacity and performance. The range of the kWe from these gaseous generators is ranging from 20 to 150. These options can give you flexibility when choosing a good generator for your commercial area. Gaseous generators are chosen because their emissions are much lower than the other generators, including the diesel generators. If you want to keep your commercial area clean, you can consider using the gaseous generators in your property.

Diesel Generators

When we are talking about diesel generators, you can find a lot of types of diesel generators from Blue Star. More than 20 models are provided by this company for all customers. You can choose the right generator for your needs depending on your required capacity. The kwE rate from these diesel generators is also ranging from 20 to 150. Diesel generators are chosen because they have lower maintenance costs than the other generators. Therefore, they can be used as the best backup energy sources for any of your commercial areas.

Benefits of Buying Blue Star Generators

There are many benefits that you can get when you have A&J Generators install any generator from Blue Star. You can use these generators in any of your commercial areas whether it is to keep severs running or the lights on. Here are some reasons why you may want to buy the best Blue Star Generators.

1. Guaranteed products

All generators from Blue Star are guaranteed to deliver the best performance for all users. You will never have to deal with any problems out of pocket when using these generators. When an error occurs on a Blue Star generator, you can always call us and we will be the liaison between you and Blue Star to fix your unit. This warranty can ensure that you will get the best result when using any generators from Blue Star.

2. Meet international standards

This is another good reason why Blue Star generators can be the best choice for your business. All generators from Blue Star meet International standards, including the ANSI, IEEE, and NEMA MG 1 standards. They are compliant with the standards of the temperature rise, so they are safe when they are used in any commercial areas. It is very convenient for you to use any Blue Star generators in any of your commercial buildings.

3. Safe for the environment

If your commercial building is located in an eco-friendly zone, you are going to need to choose a generator wisely. Some popular generators from Blue Star are also EPA certified for ensuring the eco-friendly system from this unit. There are no significant negative impacts on the environment when you use any of these eco-friendly generators from Blue Star.

4. Come with vibration reduction mounts

All Blue Star generators come with vibration reduction mounts. These mounts are very useful to ensure the stability of these generators. When they work in your commercial property, they will never shake too much for ensuring stable performance. When you call us, we are going to come to your place and install these mounts on every generator we work with.

Many other benefits are provided by the Blue Star generators. They are recommended for businesses who are looking for the best commercial generators on the market. We can give the best recommendations for you based on your needs or your budget. Our company is considered one of the best licensed Blue Star generator providers in Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. Contact us today!

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