Repairing a Generac Generator

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Generac is one of the popular generator brands in the world today. This brand is very famous for its high-quality products and affordable price. Some types of generators they have available, include home standby generators, portable generators, commercial generators, etc.

All of these generators are equipped with a lot of useful features, so you will never have to worry about their flexibility to meet your needs. However, you should be careful with some issues that may occur on the Generac generators as these are one of the more popular brands we repair often. In this article, you will find some important information about the Generac generators that are available to homeowners today.


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Most Common Issues in the Generac Generator

Battery Keeps Dying

Some people claim that the battery of their Generac generators keeps dying. One of the most common reasons behind this situation is the damaged voltage regulator. When this part is defective, the battery will never get enough voltage. As a result, the battery will drain very quickly. When you feel that the battery drains quicker than usual, you can call the experts at A&J Generator to check the reliability of the voltage regulator from your generator.

Leaking Gas

This is another common issue that may occur on the Generac generators. This situation can be caused by the broken carburetor gasket. When the gasket is missing or dried out, it will cause gas leakage on the system. This damaged gasket should be replaced as soon as possible. You also need to check the fuel tank and fuel line, to ensure that there is no leak on the fuel system.

Generator Runs Rough

This situation may be caused by the clogged carburetor. This carburetor may accumulate any ingredients from the fuel, especially when the fuel is stored for a long time. It will leave a thick and sticky substance on the carburetor. It will lead the engine to run roughly. When the carburetor is clogged, you can start cleaning it with the best carburetor cleaner. You can also consider replacing the entire carburetor when cleaning is not good enough to stop the rough performance from the generator.

Many other problems may occur on Generac generators. Around 1% of the customers have issues with the Generac generators claims their website however, we service this brand more frequently than brands like Briggs & Stratton. This brand has more issues than other brands, such as Briggs and Stratton. Generac is trying to fix any failures that may occur on many of their generators that are available on the market. When you have any issues with your Generac generators, you can always call us for fixing any broken parts of your generator. We have some professional experts who know how to deliver the best generator service for your needs.

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