Prepare Your Generator for Fall & Winter

Fall and Winter Generator Preparedness

Fall and winter seasons are coming soon. You should consider giving your home some attention before the start of these seasons. If you live around Fairfield, Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, you also need to prepare your generator for entering these two cold seasons. The temperature around these areas in the summer ranges from 70 – 90' F. This can be the best period for you to check your generator, so you can ensure the best performance from your generator before the cold comes.

Having this backup can ensure that you never worry about losing energy or power for running your heater and other important electronic devices. Fall can be the best time for you to check and do some maintenance procedures on your backup generator. It will ensure that your device can run at its best. Winter season and snow can make it harder for you to run or check the overall condition of the generator. Therefore, you have to prepare your generator now for preventing any unwanted problems that may occur during the winter season. It is important to stress that attempting to repair or maintain your generator should only be done by a certified generator mechanic.

Fall and Winter Generator Preparedness

Tips on How You Can Prepare Your Generator for Fall/Winter Season

Clean all areas around the generator

This is the first tip that anyone can do, especially if you want to prepare your generator to work properly during the fall and winter seasons. You should keep any areas around your generator clean and clear. You can remove dead grass and leaves around your unit. Don't forget to remove any debris on the vents. Cleaning your generator can ensure that your generator has proper airflow. It will also prevent the device from overheating due to accumulated debris and dust.

Stock up on new filters and oil

If you want to prepare your generator to be ready for fall and winter seasons, you can consider this tip. Most generators require oil and filter changer at least once every 50 – 60 running hours. You need to buy enough oil and filters for your generator, so you can ensure that the generator can run normally for a few days. You don't want to run around town for searching for filters or oil during a big storm situation. Investing in these products and periodically topping off your oil can allow you to avoid any serious problems during an emergency.

Keep the fuel in stock

This is another important thing that you need to do, especially if you want to prepare your generator for the fall and winter season without much thought. You need to keep the fuel in stock for your specific unit. You can store this fuel in your storage space, instead of storing it inside your generator. Some experts recommend emptying the fuel tank once the generator is not used. Stale fuel will be one of the most common causes of generator issues. Any fuel leftover on the generator can cause clogs in several parts of the generator.

Check the battery regularly

Many people are suffering from dead battery issues on their generators. This problem can be prevented by checking the battery regularly. You can follow the instructions from the manual book, especially when you want to inspect the battery and clean all connections around the battery. It is recommended to call an expert and we will ensure that the battery is good enough to deliver the best performance of the generator. When it is possible, you can also buy 1 – 2 batteries for emergency purposes. Another way to check your generator’s battery condition is to make sure the generator ran during its last exercise cycle.

Verify all readings and indicators on the control panel system

This is another minor maintenance procedure that our technicians perform on your generator. You can check the control panel from your generator. Make sure that all readings and indicators can work well and show the accurate numbers. It will ensure that your generator can work properly during the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

There are some other useful tips that you can follow for preparing your generator for the fall and winter season. If you live around Connecticut and New York areas, you can call us to inspect your generator and save you a lot of time and potential hassle. A&J Generator & Equipment offers service agreements that many homeowners find useful. When you have a service agreement with us we make sure your generator is taken care of on a regular basis without you needing to remember. We have the best generator inspection and maintenance procedure for helping you prepare your generator before you enter the cold fall and winter seasons. Call today!

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