Common Generator Issues and Their Repairs

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There are plenty of good options for residential standby generators available on the market. As different generators require a multitude of generator repairs, in this article we will look at some common generator issues that may occur in your unit.

It is important to get the required maintenance for your generator as soon as an issue arises so you can get the maximum benefit from your unit. Additionally, being aware of the repair costs can be helpful so you know what you are getting yourself into when repairing your generator.

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Some Common Generator Issues

1. Dead Battery

The battery is very important when it comes to the support for the overall performance of your generator. Below are some common issues that may occur with your battery:

  • Battery Charging Issue
  • Old Battery
  • Corroded Battery Terminals

A professional generator repair service can help you determine if you need to clean your battery terminals or replace your battery completely. A regular battery terminal cleaning service is usually available for a lower cost. If you need to replace the entire battery of your generator, you may want to set aside a larger budget, though the cost will vary depending on the brand.

2. Lack of Maintenance

It is highly recommended to do some regular maintenance procedures when taking care of your generator. Regular service will change any old or broken parts, so you can ensure that the generator can run sufficiently. Preventive maintenance procedures can find any problems before they can cause further damage during an outage.

Most generator repair service companies will charge about $200 to $300 for doing maintenance procedures for the standby generator. It is recommended you do a routine maintenance procedure at least once every year.

3. Natural Gas or Propane Fuel Supply Issue

This is another common issue that could occur on your residential standby generator. If this issue does arise, you cannot use your generator as normal. A professional generator repair service expert will need to check your generator unit to find the fuel supply issue.

Your fuel supply pipe is the main element to having the right fuel flow for running a generator. If this pipe has some broken parts, your generator unit will likely not work normally. Therefore, your fuel supply pipe should be checked and maintained regularly. A regular fuel pipe check service is part of our repair process.

If your fuel tank is damaged, you will also need to replace it with a new one. The damaged fuel tank inside your generator will cost you another visit from your repair service. When this situation occurs, you need to contact the right generator service for repairing any damaged fuel tank in your generator as soon as possible.

4. Incorrect Installation

When you hire any non-factory certified installers for installing your generator, you should expect to have some problems in the future. They will likely install many parts of your generator incorrectly, as they are not certified to do so. If you attempt to run your generator if it was installed incorrectly, your generator unit may not work normally when it is needed.

When this situation occurs, you need to hire the best generator experts in this industry. These professional experts are going to charge you a premium for installing any parts of your generator correctly. It is very important to follow the owner’s manual for installing any parts of the unit in the right place.

5. Faulty Circuit Board

A faulty circuit board is another common issue that may occur on your generator. Bugs, lightning, animals, and power surges can damage the circuit board inside your unit. If this problem occurs, you cannot use your generator during an emergency. Therefore, you need to hire the best service for fixing any problems with the circuit board in your generator.

Different generators may have different types of circuit boards. Most circuit boards range in price depending on the brand. You need to hire the best service for installing this circuit board inside your generator unit. This small part should be placed correctly, so it can turn on your standby generator unit immediately.

6. Clogged Lines

If you notice your generator is not functioning properly, there could be a problem with the fuel lines. A clogged or damned fuel line means little to no fuel is reaching the engine, therefore your generator will not produce effective power.

This issue is typically a problem because of oxidation, which created buildup in the fuel lines and then they become clogged. Proper maintenance can prevent damaged or clogged fuel lines.

7. Low or Leaking Coolant

Coolant is what keeps your generator from overheating. If your standby generator is leaking or low on coolant, it is possible that your generator will overheat.

It is important to keep the coolant levels on your generator at a good level because this is what allows your generator to work in all types of temperatures and weather conditions. Coolant can become low as it evaporates over time. Make sure to routinely check the coolant level on your generator.

Common Briggs & Stratton Generator Problems

Though all generators have a lot of the same types of parts and operating systems, different brands of generators may have different issues. When looking at Briggs & Stratton Generators, there are some common problems you should be aware of.

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1. Low Oil Pressure

When it comes to Briggs & Stratton, a common problem seen is low oil pressure. This is indicated by the fault code FC_2 and two blinks on the remote LED indicator. If you think your generator is experiencing low oil pressure, contact a generator professional to fix this problem.

2. Low Voltage

Another common problem experienced in Briggs & Stratton generators is low voltage, which is indicated by the fault code FC_3 and three blinks on the LED indicator. Low voltage could be from a broken or damaged fuel source or disconnected signal. Make sure to reach out to a professional before trying to use your generator with low voltage.

3. Engine Not Starting

If your engine is not starting, you will probably see an indicator with a fault code FC_4 and four blinks on the LED indicator on your generator. This could be a result of a problem with the fuel supply, battery, or internal issues with the engine itself. It is likely the main cause of this is no fuel supply. As with every faulty code, reach out to a professional for help.

4. Low Frequency

This would be indicated by fault code FC_5 and five blinks on the LED indicator. Most likely, low frequency is a result of a failed engine. Seek professional help to fix this issue.

Additionally with Briggs & Stratton generators, be aware of engine overspeed, high oil temperature, and transfer switch fault as common issues that may happen to your generator. In any and all instances of a generator issue, reach out to a professional who can fix this problem and ensure it will not happen again. If you are interested in reading more about the common problems in Briggs & Stratton generators, click here. Additionally, click here, if you want to read about the warranties on Briggs & Stratton generators.

Common Generac Generator Problems

Just like Briggs & Stratton generators, Generac generators also have some common problems to be aware of. Below are the most common problems with Generac generators.

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1. RPM Sense Loss

When you see the fault code1505/1515 indicated in your generator, it is likely that there is an issue with the fuel supply or an internal problem. RPM Sense Loss is a common problem seen on Generac generators. If your generator indicates this fault code, you should reach out to a professional to help determine the internal issue and repair the problem.

2. Low Oil Pressure

Another common problem with Generac generators is low oil pressure, which is indicated by the fault code 1300. When this happens, you should check your oil level first to see if it is unusually low or has no oil at all. If this does seem to be the issue, there might be an internal issue that a professional would need to locate and fix.

3. High Temperature

If you see the fault code 1400 on your Generac generator, it means there is a high temperature suspected. This means your engine likely shuts down because it has reached its temperature limit. High temperature could cause damage to the engine so ensure you have a professional inspect the generator.

4. Overcrank

Another common problem with Generac generators is overcrank, which is indicated by the fault code 1100. This means your engine will not start though the system is telling it to. This likely means your generator needs to be maintained in some way.

Though these are the most common types of problems seen in Generac Generators, always have your generator routinely maintained to ensure that it is functioning properly. If you want to read more about the common problems with Generac generators, click here. Additionally, click here, if you want to read about the warranties on Generac generators.

Common Kohler Generator Problems

Just like any type of generator, Kohler generators have common issues users should be aware of. Below are some common problems that are seen in Kohler generators:

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1. Engine Doesn’t Start

One issue seen in Kohler generators is the engine doesn’t start. This could be from no fuel or a fuel malfunction. Additionally, the engine may not start due to faulty spark plugs. To avoid this issue, make sure to have your generator cleaned regularly to avoid any malfunctions.

2. Hard Start

This could be due to dirt in the fuel line or an incorrect oil level. Though these are some of the reasons to cause a hard start, note that there are many factors that could also cause this issue. Seek advice from a professional to determine what is causing this problem.

3. No Power

Another common issue seen in Kohler generators is no power. There are many factors that could cause your generator to have no power such as dirt buildup or a misfire. The best way to determine the problem is to have a professional look at it and fix the issue.

Call the Generator Repair Experts

If you come across any of these problems in your generator, you should hire the best generator service company to repair these issues. You can always call A&J Generator and Equipment LLC to repair any of your generator problems. We have over 20 years of experience working in the generator industry and our company has professional technicians who can handle all common generator issues you may have.

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