Call a Generator Company not an Electrician.

Commercial Generator Installation

Do you have a generator in your home or your office? You should be prepared for when something inevitably will go wrong with your generator. When you look around the Southern Connecticut area, you can find some generator experts around you, mostly you will find electricians that also offer this service. Companies like ours, who are focused on generators alone know how to help you solve any issues that you may have with your generator. An electrical company may not be able to provide you everything you need. Not all of these electricians have good skills and knowledge in this specific section of the industry. Therefore, you need to consider calling a professional licensed generator company for any generator issue. You can read reviews from our clients, so you can rest assured A&J Generator and Equipment is the right call for you.

Commercial Generator Installation

Professional and fully-trained technicians

Our company is considered one of the best generator companies in the area because our technicians are focused only on generators and have the proper training. We know how to handle any generator issues from many different generator brands. We have many professional and fully-trained technicians or experts to repair any generator brand, such as Briggs and Stratton, Generac, Blue Star, and many more. You can trust the overall service quality and performance that our experts can provide to you. All of our technicians pass certain exams and certifications from those popular generator brands.

Complete spare parts for any generator

Our company has complete inventory of spare parts from many different generator brands. When a malfunction occurs with your generator, you can always call us to see if we have what you need in stock. We can come to your place for fast repairs, to get your unit back up and running much sooner than an electrician that needs to order the parts from the manufacturer. All of our parts are specially designed to match the overall design of your generator unit. We will help you find the right solution for any of your generator problems. You can simply tell us about your problems, so we can offer the best solution for any of your needs.

Available for 24 hours a day

We understand that many problems may occur on your generator at any time. Therefore, we provide 24-hour generator repair service for all customers in Fairfield County, Westchester County, and the rest of Connecticut. When you have any issues with your generator, you can call us at any time you need.. Our customer service will be ready to answer any of your questions. We will send our professional technicians to your place whenever you need us to help you at any time you want.

A&J Generator is independently owned

This is another reason why you may want to consider hiring our professional experts today. A&J Generator is an independent company in the generator industry. Our company is not a subsidiary of any other generator company. This independency can give us the freedom to solve any of your problems without any conflict of interest. We will focus on providing the best service quality for you who need immediate help with your broken or damaged generator on your property. We only recommend the best products that can be suitable for your needs or your budget.

Our generator repair and installation service is guaranteed to deliver the best service for you and your family or commercial space. When you eventually run into issues from an electrical company not solely focused on generator service, you can contact us immediately. We are going to send a generator expert to your place to ensure that you get the best result from our service and your generator. You will be satisfied with the overall experience that you can only get from A&J. Contact us today!

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