Joseph Boucher Named to Snap-On’s 100 Makers & Fixers

Snap On 100 Makers and Fixers

Snap On 100 Makers and Fixers

“My name is Joseph Boucher, I’ve been working on engines and generators for as long as I can remember. My father has been in the generator industry for 35 years, and since there aren’t full on trade schools for generator technicians, I was taught from him how to correctly work on generators. I also loved working on generators because most of the time, they stay very clean. I’ve worked on heavy equipment, cars, trucks, dirt bikes, and anything else that moves, but nothing makes me happy unless I’m working on industrial generator. Generators are so fascinating to me, in order to correctly diagnose most generators, I have to be part mechanic, part electrician, and part plumber. Every day is a new day and I run into problems that I would never have run into unless I was a generator technician. I swapped a V16 engine with a new engine. The unit was indoors, so we had to remove the roof, pull out the engine with a crane,  Load a new engine into the room, reinstall the roof, then reinstalling the engine to the generator.”

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