How Long Can You Run a Generator Without Turning It Off?

Whole Home Standby Generator

A generator is an important device that can be used in many different applications, for example, camping, worksite jobs, backup power in your residential areas, etc. In most cases, you are going to use this generator for a few hours. However, some people are asking,” How long can a generator run without turning it off?”.

This question usually occurs because we find a lot of cases of a prolonged power outages. The answer to this question is a little bit complicated. It depends on the generator type and also the fuel used in the generator. We can divide the generators into two major types, gas-powered generators, and diesel standby generators. Here are some important things that you need to know about both generators.

Whole Home Standby Generator

Gas-Powered Generator

When you have a gas-powered generator, you are going to have a limited time for running this generator. It is important to know that you should never refuel the generator when it is running. Even though it is very easy for you to simply open the tank and pour the fuel while it is running, this step will be very dangerous for you.

A running generator will be very hot. It will present a risk that the fuel can spark immediately. When this situation occurs, your generator will burst into flames very quickly. Because of this reason, you have to turn off the generator and let this device cool down before you refuel it with gas.

This situation will limit the rated runtime from your gas-powered generator. Depending on the overall capacity and type of your generator, you may have a limited time for running this generator without turning it off. Most gas-powered generators are going to stay running for anywhere from a few hours to up to 24 hours. However, some portable gas-powered generators have a large fuel tank. These generators are good enough to last for a few days. When you need to have a long-running time, you may want to consider using the best gas-powered generators with a long-range fuel tank.

Diesel Standby Generator

This is another type of generator that is popular among many people today. If you are planning to run your generator for a few days continuously, you may want to consider using the diesel standby generator. You are allowed to use this device without shutting it down for a few days at a time.

Most standby generators usually have large and efficient motors. They are specially designed to handle long-term use. These devices are also designed to operate on a diesel system which can last for a few days without having to stop their operations. Standby generators also have huge long-range tanks that can handle a lot of fuel for operating these devices.

Depending on your choice of the standby generators, most companies are going to recommend that you will limit the generator use up to 500 hours at the maximum capacity. It means that you can use this diesel standby generator for up to 3 weeks of continuous use. You should compare all available standby generators, so you can select the best capacity of your generators.

If you have a portable generator with a single fuel tank, you will have a limited capacity for running the generator.  This type of generator will give you a few hours of running time.

You can also have a portable generator on the large tank of propane. This type of device will give you a limited life of the engine oil. When using this device, you are able to use this generator without turning it off for up to 200 hours or 8 consecutive days.

When you have a standby device with an unlimited fueling system, you can run the generator for up to 500 hours at a single-use. This device is recommended for you who want to run a generator for supplying enough power for any of your needs.

It is very important for you to know that running a generator for a prolonged or extended period requires you to monitor the device very carefully. While the generators are specially designed to offer backup power, they cannot handle too many uses or applications. Running the generator continuously will cause the generator to start breaking down.

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