Standby vs. Portable Generators

Portable vs Standby Generators

If you live in an area with frequent power outages due to snow, rain, or high winds, you should consider buying or renting the best generator possible for your home. When you look at the market, you can find many different types of generators that are available today. These generators can be classified into two main categories, including standby and portable generators.

Each type of generator has its benefits or disadvantages for all users. Therefore, you need to look at both types of devices, so you can find the best one for yourself. Here are some important things that you need to consider, especially when you want to select a generator on a budget. These factors are affected by your choice of using the portable or standby generator.

Portable vs Standby Generators

Operation and Monitoring

Portable generators are usually manually operated. You need to take them out of the storage, carry them outdoors to the right area before plugging them to your home. You also need to use a fuel source for these generators, for example, propane.

Standby generators are specially designed to turn on and off automatically. When a power outage occurs in your home, the generators are going to be turned on immediately. You don't need to be home when the power outage occurs. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in more ways than one.

Installation Procedure

Portable generators are suitable for those who don't want to deal with a complicated installation procedure. They have a quick installation procedure, so you don't need to spend a lot of your time installing these generators. You only need to take them out from the storage space before you can plug them into your electricity source.

Standby generators have some complicated things that should be installed and require an expert technician. Therefore, you need to hire professional experts who can install your standby generators professionally. The fuel supplier also needs to make an inspection, so you can ensure that the standby generators can use the fuel efficiently. You also need to call a fire department for inspecting your generators. They will make sure that these generators are installed properly.


Probably the most important factor that many should consider first, especially when you compare both portable and standby generators. Most portable generators are usually ranging from $500 to $2,000 depending on the overall size provided.

Standby generators usually cost about $3,000 to $5,000+ for a model that can power the entire home. You will spend another $2,000 to $4,000+ for installing a standby generator for your home. This installation cost may include the cost of hiring technicians or electricians.

Maintenance Requirements

Portable generators require little maintenance procedure. You only need to ensure that the generators are empty of fuel before you store them. This step is very useful to prevent leaking of fuel in your storage space. Don't forget to check that there is no corrosion and lose wires before you can start running your portable generators.

Standby generators require a lot of maintenance procedures. First, you need to run the generators at least once a week automatically, so they can function normally in the long run. You also need to do periodic services for ensuring that there is no problem with your generators. Our generator company, A&J Generator can offer a maintenance plan for doing the right maintenance procedure for your standby generators. When you take this plan, we are going to send our experts to come to your place for running maintenance procedures for your generators.


Portable generators usually use propane as their main fuel source. Propane is going to produce a lot of carbon monoxide gas when you run your portable generators. This gas can be very dangerous, especially when it is inhaled in a large amount. Minor exposure to this gas can lead to some health issues, such as headaches, facial flushing, etc. Therefore, you need to use these portable generators in the outdoor area.

Standby generators usually produce less emission than portable generators. If you want to keep your environment clean and safe, you can consider installing standby generators for your home. Our experts can help you find the best device that has a low emission rate. Call A&J Generators today!

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