Job Sites That Require Generator Rentals

You may be surprised to discover the many applications for generator rentals. Power generation needs are quite common. In fact, many job sites actually require the back-up power a generator can provide. Whether it’s to back-up your business/facility during a power outage or projects located off the main power grid, electrical power is key. Generator rentals can be of great assistance in emergency situations or even in providing consistent electrical power. Rentals are an excellent solution for a wide range of situations and industries. In this guide, we’ll delve into the different job sites where a generator is essential.

Construction Sites

In most instances, new construction projects start off the main power grid. This means that there is no steady supply of power. This poses a challenge for construction companies because key pieces of equipment, such as jackhammers, drills, and lighting systems, need power to operate. This is where a generator rental can make a big difference. A generator rental can serve as a steady, primary source of power. It can serve as the power source for the equipment that you need on hand. Also, in the event of any power outages due to blackouts, natural/man-made disasters, or inclement weather, a generator can help mitigate downtime due to power loss. Mitigating downtime can help reduce loss of productivity and keep the project to meet any specific deadlines.

Medical Facilities / Hospitals

Hospitals and medical facilities are the backbone of our communities as they attend to many of our healthcare needs. Power is a necessity to keep life support machines and other healthcare tools working in order to take care of patients. Therefore a generator is so important in the healthcare market. If there is a power outage, a hospital almost always uses a back-up generator. In times of crises, people need to be assured that the hospital will be able to sustain power. If hospitals cannot maintain power, seriously ill and injured peoples’ lives are at risk. Monitors, oxygen pumps, and other valuable equipment can stop working. An additional concern that comes with the loss of electricity is the loss of data. Millions of numbers and documents can be lost forever if servers go out, even temporarily. Having a generator is an absolute necessity to avoid these dire consequences of power loss.

Manufacturing Facilities / Processing Plants

Manufacturing facilities and processing plants need continuously high outputs of energy in order to maintain productivity and generate a constant stream of revenue. Industry sectors such as packaging, chemical processing, textile manufacturing, assembly line, etc., are in constant, high demand of energy. If there were a power outage for any reason, it’s essential that there is a reliable source of back-up power to prevent loss of productivity, mitigate profit loss, and maintain safe working environments for staff members. Extended power outages can have an extremely negative impact. Potential disruptions include loss of inventory and products, delays in packaging, halt in employee productivity, missed deadlines/delivery dates. These disruptions can result in great profit loss. In a large-scale manufacturing or processing operation, every second counts. Having a back-up commercial or industrial generator on-site can enable manufacturing facilities and processing plants to continue day-to-day operations even when power is lost from the main power grid.

Distribution Centers / Warehouses

Distribution centers and warehouses rely on a consistent source of power to maintain their operations. Industrial refrigerators, freezers, dry coolers, processing equipment, HVAC systems, etc, contribute to keeping operations at full capacity. All these things need power in order to properly run. Loss of power in this environment can lead to enormous product losses and even potentially damaged equipment. It is vital that distribution centers and warehouse facilities always maintain power. To ensure that this happens, a dependable back-up power system must be installed. A generator can alleviate the risk of unexpected power loss and keep distribution centers and warehouses up and running during any power outage.

Renting the Right Size Generator

TWhat Size Generator Do I Need

What Size Generator Do I Need?

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As you can see, having a generator at a job site is not only incredibly beneficial but at times an absolute necessity. Renting a generator can be a perfect option especially for short-term projects or as a temporary solution. A generator is certainly worth the investment when one thinks about the impacts of power loss. This is an investment that far outweighs the risks. You can contact A&J Generators to rent out commercial generators. Our high-quality generators will ensure that you have the power that you need.

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