Where Should I Place My Generator?

generator next to blue house

A generator is a critical device that you need to have in your home. It can be used as backup energy during a power outage situation and save you a lot of headache, time, and money. In this blog we are going to talk about where you can or should place this device on your property. There are some important things that you have to consider, especially when choosing the right location for your generator. By selecting the right location for your generator, you can improve the efficiency of your generator. You can also ensure the safety of your generator when this device is placed in the right place.

generator next to blue house


Most generators are going to produce a certain level of noise. This is an important factor that you have to consider. Therefore, you should avoid placing your generator near a bedroom. The noises from the generator will reduce your sleep quality significantly. You should also avoid placing your generator near your property borders with your neighbor’s house. It is a good idea for you to have an isolated location for your generator. It will help you reduce the noise pollution effectively.


Weather in your area

This is another important factor that you have to consider, especially when you place your generator inside your property. When you live in a windy area, the wind is going to bring fumes and exhaust to your home. It is a good idea for you to protect the air quality inside your home by locating your generator in the protected space. It will prevent the wind from blowing the fumes and other dangerous gases to your home. This protected space will also prevent the snowdrifts from obstructing the performance of your generator.


Fuel source

It is highly recommended for you to consider this factor, especially when you want to install a standby generator on your property. The generator should be installed near the gas meter, so you will never have to install a lot of pipes and other accessories to fuel the generator. This position will increase the efficiency of the fuel supply to the generator. When you follow this tip, you can also reduce the overall labor costs and materials required to set up your generator. You may want to hire a professional generator installation service expert, like us, who knows how to put your generator near the fuel source.



If you care about the overall design of your property, you should place the generator in the right place. You don’t want your generator to obstruct the vision around your property. After your generator is installed, you should be able to see all other objects around you clearly without having to get obstructed by the generator. You should avoid placing a generator near the windows or doors which will reduce the ability to see outdoor space. It is a good idea for you to place your generator on the backside of your home because it will not reduce the aesthetic of your home.


Prepare the Right Site for Your Generator

After you find the best location for your generator, you may want to determine if you are going to need special grounding and construction to secure the generator. Small air-cooled generators usually come with some necessary attachments, so you can attach them on the location securely. Large liquid-cooled generators usually require a concrete pad at the bottom side of this device. This concrete pad is very useful to ensure the stability of this device. If you don’t know how to pour concrete, we can bring a pad to your house.


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