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briggs and stratton commercial generator

Whether you own an office, building, hospital, or data center, finding the best backup commercial generator for your business involves a lot of research. Firstly, you need to answers some questions for yourself: “How large is your facility? In the case of an emergency, for how long would you hope to have power? What are the important appliances that will need backup electricity?”. Once you answer these questions, you can determine what’s the best option for you. However, because we are aware of how saturated the market is and how overwhelming research can be, we have compiled a list of our Top # Commercial Generators Brands based on our experience:


  • #1 Briggs & Stratton: With over 100 years of experience under their belt, this company brings to the market familiarity and quality. An important factor to keep in mind about this brand is that they fall into the more expensive side of the business. Their line is called “Light Commercial Standby Generators” and it provides options that range between 100kW to 200k of power. You can choose between natural gas or liquid propane models. Regardless of the method of energy source, all Briggs & Stratton models include InfoHub Wireless Monitoring to keep you informed of your generator’s status and maintenance reminders, Symphony II Power Management to manage the distribution of power to selected appliances automatically, flexible placement option, and corrosion resistant enclosure.

briggs and stratton commercial generator

  • #2 Blue Star Power System: Blue Star generators are one of the best brands of diesel commercial generators to consider in the industry. Their models are constantly being updated to include state-of-the-art technologies- improving the quality and life span of their products. You can find plenty of options regarding the voltage your business might need, ranging anywhere between 30kW to 2000kW. Blue Star offers EPA Certified engines and low operating costs. Some models include SCR technology, which results in reduced down-time and less maintenance of the exhaust. Features found in all of their models include, but are not limited to: control panel for transfer witch control, metering, and programming; an air cleaner, oil drain extension, and a silencer that achieve a great level of noise and temperature performance. They are covered in a powder coat to avoid being worn by the weather.


  • #3 HiPower Systems: HiPower Systems offer reliable standby and rental options for the commercial and industrial sector. The standby line offers diesel and natural gas gensets of 8kW to 2000kW. They offer specific options for different industries, such as water treatment, telecommunications, data centers, and health care facilities. Their diesel generators, which are the preferred energy source for standby power, include: digital controls that allow you to configure alarms and protections, oil-and-heat-resistant enclosure, top air discharge for quiet operation, and remote generator control and troubleshooting.


  • #4 Gillette Generators: Gillette is a well-known brand that has been providing generators for commercial, industrial, and institutional use for almost 50 years. Their products are manufactured and thoroughly tested in the United States. They supply two types of generators: gasoline and diesel portable options, offering up to 12kW of power; and natural gas, propane, and diesel standby generators that offer up to 100kW of power. All of their models have a standard and frequent voltage regulation and a heavy-duty circuit breaker. Most models come with a digital controller that includes generator metering, predictions about the engine, exercise timer, and expansion capabilities- making maintenance for their products accessible and allowing to have automatic engine shutdowns. Their stainless-steel hardware is covered in a powder coat for corrosion resistance.

Gillette Commercial Generator

  • #5 Cummins Power Systems: Cummins is one of the most popular and trusted generator companies in the United States. You may have heard of a Cummins engine in pickup trucks but they also make high end commercial generators. The line Cummins offers are built for diverse industries and the most demanding atmospheric circumstances. Their diesel generators range between 10kW to 2000kW, offering options from which to choose according to the needs of your company. Some of the standard features of all Cummins models include: oil drain extension, closed coolant recovery system, digital control panel, and warnings for oil pressure, temperatures, voltage, and more.


Connecticut is no stranger to power outages, so don’t be left off at the mercy of luck, and be certain that your business is able to operate 24/7. Most commercial backup generators can be installed near any type of facility. If you want more information on how to determine which backup generator brand is the right one for your business’ needs, contact A&J Generator now. Trust our experts to protect your business today!

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