Things to do During a Power Outage

A&J Generator during power outage

Table of Contents: Check the circuit breaker panel Turn on your battery radio Turn off any appliances in your home Stay comfortable in your home Keep your freezer and fridge closed Avoid this emergency by installing a generator Every Major Power Outage in CT in the 2010’s A power outage may occur at any time,…

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Call a Generator Company not an Electrician.

Commercial Generator Installation

Table of Contents: Professional and fully-trained technicians Complete spare parts for any generator Available for 24 hours a day A&J Generator is independently owned Do you have a generator in your home or your office? You should be prepared for when something inevitably will go wrong with your generator. When you look around the Southern…

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Repairing a Generac Generator

generac logo

Table of Contents: Popular Models of Generac Generators Contact us for Generac Repair here Most Common Issues in the Generac Generator Generac is one of the popular generator brands in the world today. This brand is very famous for its high-quality products and affordable price. Some types of generators they have available, include home standby…

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Why We Choose Generac Generators


Table of Contents: Reasons Why We Choose Generac Popular Generac Generator Models We Recommend When you look at the market, you can find many different types of generators that are available today. Different generators have their features and benefits for all customers. You need to select the best one that is good for your family’s…

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