MTU Generator Guide

If you’re in need of a commercial generator installation, you might want to begin your search with the MTU brand. For years, MTU has ranked amongst the best in the industry. Their products are nearly unmatched in quality as to which many can attest to. In this guide, we’ll walk you through why MTU is so widely recognized and introduce a few of their models.

About MTU Generators

For over 110 years, the MTU brand has satisfied customers with innovative power solutions. As a part of Rolls-Royce, MTU is widely recognized for its technological leadership in product development. And when it comes to power generation, MTU has strived to present cleaner and smarter solutions through digitalization and electrification. MTU offers powerful and reliable generators, based on both gas and diesel engines, as well as electrified hybrid systems. These generators reflect MTU’s commitment to sustainability as they perform at maximum efficiency and reduce emissions. MTU generators are designed to satisfy your power needs all the while reducing the impact on our planet Earth.

 Here, at A&J, we fully support MTU’s efforts to protect our environment and we recommend that our customers lend their support as well. We are confident that you will find that MTU has a generator suited for your power needs.

MTU Commercial Generator

MTU Generator Models

MTU offers two main types of generator sets - diesel and gas generators. The diesel generator sets are designed to perform at maximum efficiency as they provide continuous, reliable power supply. They, also, feature low fuel consumption, long service intervals, and low emissions. MTU gas generator sets are fueled by natural gas, biogas, and other gasses that guarantee you with an economical and sustainable source of power. These gas generators feature cutting-edge technology that provide combined heat and power (CHP) as well as combined heat, power, and cooling (CHPC) solutions. Both MTU’s diesel and gas generators are trusted to provide the power for a wide range of critical applications such as healthcare, data centers, airports, wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing plants, and independent power stations.

No matter which set you get, you should expect an excellent performance. Right below you’ll find the MTU generator models that are currently at the top of our recommendation list.

Diesel Generator Sets

MTU Series 4000

The MTU Series 4000 generator set features a robust design and optimal fuel consumption that makes it the perfect solution for many different applications. This set can be designed flexibly depending on the application and location, as they are available in six different ratings. Still, no matter which design you choose, this generator set can meet the highest demands in terms of quality, performance, and fuel efficiency. The MTU Series 4000 provides the highest power density with industry-leading load factors. It has maximum resilience as it can perform under extreme conditions and in high altitude environments. Most importantly, it’s a pioneer in developing environmentally friendly engines and reducing emissions.

MTU Series 2000

The MTU Series 2000 stands out with its ability to deliver power output within a few seconds. This latest generation combines performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability to create perfection. The MTU Series 2000 pushes the boundary in that the major engine components have been optimized, intelligently combined, and adapted to one another. This generator set accepts extremely high load steps without significant frequency and voltage deviations. Additionally, this generator set has an extensive portfolio showcasing its adaptability to a variety of applications and requirements.

Gas Generator Sets

MTU Series 500

The new MTU Series 500 natural gas gensets deliver 250 to 550 kWE of pure power. Because of the MTU Module Control (MMC) automation system which monitors all genset activities, the units also seamlessly integrate microgrid environments and create a digital link to MTU’s global service network. The MTU Series 500 demonstrates a high degree of reliability, efficiency, and flexibility.

MTU Series 4000

The new MTU Series 4000 natural gas genset offers the highest power density in its class. This new series is optimized for maximum performance and low emissions to deliver an economical, reliable, and sustainable source of power. It has a significant reduction in nitrous oxide emissions which makes it the perfect fit for independent power producers (IPP) and combined heat and power applications (CHP). Its high-power density is thanks to its compact design and small footprint. The MTU Series 4000 is still operable at high temperatures and high humidity, delivering 30% more power than its predecessor. Additionally, it’s ensured a long service life with low maintenance costs.

Detroit Diesel / Spectrum

MTU was previously called  Detroit Diesel / Spectrum before being rebranded as MTU. While MTU may not sell these two other brands anymore, they can still work on these generators. Here’s a couple of models that you may be interested in:

Detroit 1500 kW

This is an older model but the attributes of this generator will make this model seem brand new. This model is convenient in the fact that it has an automatic start/stop feature and a safety shut down feature. There are digital features including the digital generator panel and digital engine panel. The weatherproof enclosure allows this generator to function through all seasons. Generally when you purchase a Detroit Diesel, you can expect a generator with strong, reliable power with little to no maintenance necessary. You will get long-lasting backup power of the highest quality.

Spectrum 180 kW

This is an older generator but it still has great features that you can really take advantage of. This model has an automatic start/stop component, and even has a safety shut down feature installed. Other details include a dry air cleaner, an engine-mounted muffler, and a tank block heater. Despite this model’s age, it still has a digital generator panel and a digital engine panel. What really makes the Spectrum 180 kW model stand out is its weatherproof enclosure.

MTU Warranty and Support

MTU products are backed by Extended Coverage which will provide you peace of mind beyond the standard warranty. With Extended Coverage, the costs of unexpected repairs are covered and professionally serviced by MTU-certified technicians. Coverage includes all materials and labor for troubleshooting, fault clearance, and corrective services. To ensure maximum quality, all repairs are conducted using only genuine MTU parts. In this way, the resale value is upheld and your long-term confidence in your MTU investment is ensured.

MTU Generator Reviews from Around the Internet

MTU generators have generally received praise from customers across various internet forums. People recognize that MTU is a leading provider of industrial diesel generators for high demand power environments. Customers appreciate that MTU is a U.S. based company where they can invest in American products. Most reviews point out the unrivaled efficiency of MTU, citing that its engines are among the lowest-consumption engines on the market. Finally, customers respect the efforts MTU has gone through to produce clean power. MTU has managed to reduce emissions without compromising the quality of their generators.

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By now, you recognize that MTU generators are in a class of their own. These generators are setting a standard and making innovative changes. A&J Generator is happy to lend support to both MTU and our customers. While we do not sell MTU generators, we provide MTU Generator Maintenance and MTU Generator Repair! We have the knowledge and expertise to take care of your generator needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about MTU or if you’re in need of our service!