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Call A&J Generator and Equipment for your generator repair and more. We even provide Fairfield County with 24/7 emergency service for all our customers. Save our number in your phone in case of an emergency. (203) 828-6341.

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Generator Installation - Fairfield

Our Fairfield County generator installation service is the best in Connecticut!

A&J Generator & Equipment, LLC gives you a fully-customized and cost-effective system. Following a personalized assessment of your power needs, our team will provide prompt installation to your home. Our technicians will outline the entire installation process for you. We treat your property like our own!

Generator Repair - Fairfield​

From Greenwich to Bridgeport we have Fairfield County Covered.

You bought your generator to keep your house powered when a storm hits, and we’ll repair it so it can be relied on once again. Don’t trust just anybody to handle your repairs. Our team has 25 years of experience, and we know how to complete the job quickly. No matter the generator, we can do repairs on all the top brands! Contact us today!

Generator Rental - Fairfield​

Having a party on Penfield? We can supply your event with a reliable generator.

We have you covered! We understand that you may not know everything there is to know about generators. That’s why we can talk to you about your specific needs and get you just what you need.

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The coastal geography and abundant natural resources of Fairfield have been attracting residents since the 1600s. In 2006, Fairfield was ranked as the ninth best place to live in the US by Money Magazine and THE best place to live in the Northeast.

Fairfield County is home to almost 950,000 residents. The towns and cities that make up the county are home to a beautiful stretch of the Connecticut coastline and remains close to other cities like New Haven and New York City.

The community of Fairfield County is made up of beautiful homes throughout the area. The properties vary from permanent residences to vacation homes. Everything about the area is beautiful including the day to day weather. Residents know that sometimes extreme weather can roll in leaving damage and no power in its wake.

This vulnerability is why A&J Generator & Equipment serves Fairfield County and its residents. Our generator repair and installations are perfect for homes that don’t want to make sure they can keep power throughout tough times.

Call A&J Generator and Equipment for your generator repair and more. We even provide 24/7 emergency service for all our customers. Save our number in your phone in case of an emergency. (203) 828-6341.