Battery Replacement on a 300kW Cummins Commercial Generator – Video

Cummins Power Systems and A&J Generator

Take a look at one of our latest jobs where we inspected and replaced a battery in a 300kW Cummins Generator in the basement of a local skyscraper.

Cummins Power Systems and A&J Generator

Our professional generator technicians take all the necessary steps to make sure that the job is done right the first time.

To make sure your generator is always working properly, we strongly suggest scheduling regular maintenance for all generators, commercial or residential.

In this video, you will see our team of commercial generator websites

  • Get safely down to the generator located in the basement of this commercial space
  • Perform a generator inspection
  • Perform a transfer switch inspection
  • Replace the generator’s battery

Performed by Joe & Nick of A&J Generators & Equipment your Commercial Generator Repair Experts

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