About the Generac Guardian 22kW Home Backup Generator

Generac Guardian 22kW home generator

When we are recapping the most popular home generators, we cannot forget the Guardian 22kW home generator from Generac. This is an automatic home standby generator that will provide whole-house backup energy. It will deliver all features and benefits that Generac customers are used to seeing.

This unit meets all expectations and has the lowest cost per kilowatt compared to the other air-cooled standby generators for the home.

Many people are interested in using this home generator. This Guardian 22kW home generator can deliver up to 22kW energy. This makes this device the largest air-cooled generator that is available on the market today. It delivers the best value per kilowatt for all homeowners and business owners.

This device is suitable for a large home that needs maximum power backup This device will supply electricity immediately after the home electricity is turning off.

Features of the Guardian 22kW Home Generator

There are a lot of interesting features that you can find from this generator. Before you buy this home generator, you may want to learn more about some features that are specially offered by this unit.

a. Smart User-friendly Controls

Generac has a unique smart control system that is specially created to offer the best customer experience for all users. This controller has a multilingual LCD that can be used easily. It will allow you to monitor all status of this home generator. You can also track the maintenance intervals required by this device.

It will let you know when you need to contact a generator repair service for maintenance procedures, so you can ensure that your device can always be in top operating condition. From this LCD, you will also find the LED indicators that will tell you about the generator status, maintenance required, and also utility power presence.

b. Mobile Link Remote Monitoring

This feature allows you to monitor your generator from anywhere you find yourself, such as the office, your home, or any other place on Earth! You can simply use your smartphone, PC, or tablet when you want to control the settings of this home generator. By using this mobile link app, you will be able to maximize the overall performance and benefits of using this home generator.

c. Quiet Home Generator

When you are looking for a good home generator, you need to choose the quietest one. This Guardian 22kW home generator will run at a low RPM for offering the best performance for all users. Because of this low RPM technology, this generator will work quietly and consume less fuel.

d. Powerful G-Force Engine from Generac

This home generator has a reliable G-force engine that is pressure-lubricated and also built for improving the performance of this unit. The 22kW fro Generac can handle the rigors of everyday generator use, so it will need less routine maintenance.

Generac Guardian 22kW home generator

Price of the Guardian 22kW Home Generator

This Guardian 22kW Home Generator from Generac is available at a very affordable price. This incredible home generator is a perfect match for your larger home or office space. This generator is also protected by Generac’s staple RhinoCoat powder-coated finish. This technology will protect this device by using its corrosion-resistant aluminum which is perfect for all weather.

Final Review of the Guardian 22kW Home Generator

The Guardian 22kW can deliver low-cost energy for all customers during an energy crisis. Consider this incredible home generator today and call the expert generator installation team at A&J Generator today. Service Oxford, CT and beyond.

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