About the Generac Guardian 20kW Home Backup Generator

Generac Guardian 20kW home generator

Generac Guardian 20kW home generator is a popular automatic home standby generator in Connecticut. When you have this device installed properly, it can be used to provide whole-house backup energy for any purpose without you ever lifting a finger.

We are going to highlight some key features that you will find from this generator. Because of these features, many people leave good reviews about this Generac Guardian Home Generator. This home generator can support all families who are going to need at least a 200 Amp transfer switch. It can even be a quality choice for smaller homes. This Guardian home generator 20kW can provide more than enough power for a family of 4 to 5.

Features of the Guardian 20kW Home Generator

1. True Power Technology

It is one of the most highly touted features that you will find mentioned everywhere when reading about the Guardian 20kW Home Generator from Generac. This technology offers the best power quality with a small amount of the total harmonic distortion. This whole home generator has less than 5% of the total harmonic distortion. As the result, it will deliver a smooth and clean operation to any sensitive appliances and electronics. All while running super quiet!

2. Powerful G-Force Engine

The engine that comes in the 20kW is specially built with a pressure-lubricated engine. Therefore, it can be used to handle any objections to regular generator use. This powerful engine has reliable performance, so you can reduce the total amount of maintenance procedures that you need to have annually. The G-Force engine can be used to accelerate the overall efficiency of this home generator. This engine runs at a lower RPM therefore, it will be quieter and more fuel efficient than the other home generators that are available on the market today.

3. RhinoCoat Powder-Coated Finish

This medium sized residential generator has a Generac’s easily identifiable RhinoCoat powder-coated finish. This will maintain the exterior quality of this generator for any weather conditions. This finish will be used to help you maintain this home generator for a long time with minimum cosmetic damage. This surface will improve the overall durability and look of this device.

4. Easy-to-read multilingual LCD Display

You will be able to control the setting of this home generator easily. When you approach the outer surface of this generator, you will find a multilingual LCD display. From this LCD display, you can monitor your battery status and track the maintenance intervals. By using this display, you can ensure that your Generic Guardian 20kW is operating in top condition. It will improve your efficiency when using this powerful home generator from Generac.

Generac Guardian 20kW home generator

Price of the Guardian 20kW Home Generator

Before you buy this incredible home generator, you need to know the average price range of this home generator. This Guardian 20kW Home Generator is usually offered from around $4,949. This price will include a transfer switch. The price doesn’t include the installation, taxes, and shipping. Different sellers may have different discounts for the customers. You can compare some available sellers of these home generators before you decide to buy the best and most affordable one for you.

Final Review of the Guardian 20kW Home Generator

There are a lot of useful features that you will find on this 20kW standby generator by Generac. This unit also comes with 5-year limited warranty for this automatic standby generator. If you are looking to have a very common generator installed at your home with a wide array of online forums and a large user base this could be the unit for you. Generac also has great 24/7 customer support from their headquarters in Wisconsin.

When you are ready to have this generator installed or want to learn more reach out to the Generac experts at A&J Generator in Oxford, CT.

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