How Often do Generators Need to Be Serviced?

Generator Maintenance Tools

When you have a generator on your property, you need to schedule regular maintenance for your unit. Your standby generator needs to be inspected and maintained regularly, so it will perform well when a power outage occurs in your area. This will all but ensure that you can turn on the generator at any time you need on your property.

The maintenance procedure should always be done by trained professionals. It requires a lot of step-by-step procedures and dangerous voltage that could end in disaster if you attempt to this yourself.

Generator Maintenance Tools

Benefits of Regular Maintenance


Check-up on all parts of the generator

This is the first thing that regular maintenance is going to do. Generator mechanics will come to your place for checking and inspecting all parts of the generator. There are some important components that need to be checked regularly, for example, filters, spark plugs, battery, gas regulator, etc. This inspection procedure is very useful to find any serious or potential problems as soon as possible. This early problem detection system will ensure that you can have a functional generator at any time you need it.


Extend the life of your generator

This is another benefit that you will get with regular maintenance on your generator. Most standby generators are able to last for about 10 – 15 years with normal use and regular maintenance. If you don’t check and maintain all parts of your generator regularly, your device will only last a few years. When your generator is broken completely, you have to replace it with the new one which will be very costly for you.


Prevent fuel problems

As all of you know, fuel will be the most important part of your generator. It will cause a real problem when you have some fuel problems on your generator. In some cases, algae may build up in your fuel system when you don’t check the fuel tank regularly. It will cause the fuel injectors to become clogged and turn off the battery. With regular maintenance, you can prevent any of these problems from causing any damages to your generator.


Increase the efficiency of your generator

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, you need to maintain and inspect your generator regularly. All parts need to be checked and tested for ensuring the quality of your generator. The system also needs to be cleaned regularly, so you can prevent algae, debris, and dirt from accumulating on your generator. An efficient generator can help you save a lot of money on the fuel, especially when you have a prolonged power outage in your area.


How Often Do Generac, Briggs and Stratton, and Commercial Need to Be Serviced?


Different brands require you to service your generator with different frequency.



One of the most popular generator brands is Generac. This company recommends you get your device serviced at least once in every 6 months. This service should be done by an authorized dealer, so you can avoid getting any problems in the future.


Briggs and Stratton

When you visit the official website of Briggs and Stratton, you can read some maintenance tips for you who want to take care of your generator. your generator needs to be maintained and inspected at least once a year before the winter season. This maintenance procedure is required to ensure that your generator can work perfectly during the upcoming winter. All parts from your generator should be inspected regularly for finding any leaks or other problems immediately.


Commercial Generators

There are several steps on how you can have your commercial generator serviced. We work with all commercial generator brands. This maintenance procedure usually includes several steps, for example filter replacement, filter removal, fluid level inspection, part replacement, and also some other upgrades to your generator. This regular maintenance procedure is required about every 6 months to help you use your generator for a long time.


It is recommended for you to hire the best generator maintenance experts who know how to deal with any generator issues. We are ready to help you maintain the quality of your generator at any time you want. It is a good idea for you to compare some available generator service companies, so you can compare their offers, price, and some other features from these companies. Professional companies are ready to have your generator serviced at least 1 – 2 times a year.

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