How Do You Troubleshoot a Generator?

Trouble Shoot a Generator with A&J Generator Repair

A standby generator usually consists of several mechanisms and parts that can break down due to any number of reasons. When your generator is broken down or is sluggish, it will be unable to provide backup energy for your home in emergency situations. You need to be able to identify the problem if you want to make a repair but it is suggested you never work on your generator unless you have an electrical background. You can also hire professional generator repair experts to come to your place and they will troubleshoot for you. Experts like us here at A&J Generators usually have seen the issue before and have the solution for your generator issues. In this article, we are going to show you some popular generator issues and how you can identify any of these issues efficiently.

Trouble Shoot a Generator with A&J Generator Repair

Common Issues in Generators


Degraded Fuel

Fuel is going to degrade when it is stored for a long time. Stale fuel will be one of the most common factors that can cause a generator failure. It is highly recommended for you to have regular generator maintenance scheduled so we can drain your generator’s fuel supply. In some cases, the stale fuel has already clogged the fuel pump, engine, and also fuel lines. As professional mechanics, we are ready to clean these components and remove the clog without causing any damages to your generator.


Clogged Filters

Your generator will have some filters that allow optimal performance which have become blocked overtime. If you operate the generator in dusty areas, such as construction sites or barns, you need to clean and also change the air filters regularly. Clogged filters will change the proper ratio of the gas to the air. As the result, this issue will prevent the efficient operation of the generator.


Generator Leaks

This is another common issue that may occur on a standby generator. Your generator may leak certain liquid, such as coolant, fuel, or oil. It will prevent your generator from functioning well every day. When you have any of these leaks in your generator, you need to stop operation and make a repair as soon as possible. In some cases, we may also replace some components in your generator, such as pipe, oil tank, fuel tank, and some other broken parts.


Hire the Best Mechanics for Solving any Of Those Generator Issues


When you find any of those issues on your generator, you can hire the best generator repair crew in Connecticut. You can compare some available experts before you decide to choose the best one for yourself. Here are some reasons why you should avoid troubleshoot yourself and call a generator company now.


Prevent further damages to your generator

When you troubleshoot your generator yourself, you may cause further damages to your device. Different generators may require different maintenance and repair procedures. Most professional generator repair experts have a lot of experience and expertise in solving any of these problems. They are familiar with many different types of generator brands and models. Most reliable generator companies also offer guaranteed service for their customers.


Save you time

You don’t have to do all the repair procedures yourself. You can save a lot of time because you don’t need to learn about all parts and components from your generator. When you hire generator repair experts, they will be ready to solve these issues in a few hours.


Save you money

It will be very costly when you have to buy all the necessary tools for repairing your broken generator. Reliable generator repair experts will come to your place by bringing their tools and equipment. You only need to pay an affordable fee for getting your generator repaired, so you can start using your generator as soon as possible.

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