Trouble Shoot a Generator with A&J Generator Repair

How Do You Troubleshoot a Generator?

A standby generator usually consists of several mechanisms and parts that can break down due to any number of reasons. When your generator is broken down or is sluggish, it will be unable to provide backup energy for your home in emergency situations. You need to be able to identify the problem if you want to make a repair but it is suggested you never work on your generator unless you have an electrical background. […]

Whole Home Standby Generator

How Long Can You Run a Generator Without Turning It Off?

A generator is an important device that can be used in many different applications, for example, camping, worksite jobs, backup power in your residential areas, etc. In most cases, you are going to use this generator for a few hours. However, some people are asking,” How long can a generator run without turning it off?”. This question usually occurs because we find a lot of cases of a prolonged power outages. The answer to this […]

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