The Different Types of Generator Fuel

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A generator is one of the most important appliances that you need to have in your home. A generator can help you in a pinch when you need to run any of your important electric devices while the power is out. There are a lot of generators that are available on the market these days. You have to select the best unit based on your needs.

Generators can use several kinds of fuel, including natural gas, propane, diesel, or gasoline. We will compare some available fuel types in common generators, so you can choose the best one for your home. Each type of generator fuel has its benefits and drawbacks for all users. This article will discuss some of these fuel types for generators.

generator next to blue house

Generator Fuel Types



This is one of the most common fuel types that can be used in some generators. This is a type of energy resource that can be obtained easily, You can increase the portability of using this fuel when you are using small generators. It is very easy for you to get this fuel as it is sold everywhere around you. You don’t need to worry about running out gasoline for your generator.

On the downside, this fuel type has some disadvantages that you have to be careful with. Gasoline is highly flammable. Therefore, it is unsafe for you to accumulate gasoline in your storage space in a huge volume. Storing large quantities of gasoline can be hazardous. Gasoline is also considered as an expensive fuel. You can check the local prices of gasoline before you decide to use gasoline-powered generators.




This is another common fuel type that is used by many generators today. This fuel source is preferable because it is considered as the least flammable fuel source. This type of fuel is very easy to obtain during a disaster. It is a common fuel that is also used for the trucking industry, farming operations, and also for the military. Most diesel engines can last or more than 10,000 hours. Because of this durability, many people are interested in using this fuel as their favorite fuel type.

When it comes to diesel vs gas for your generator some people want to avoid diesel because the engine will be noisier than the engine with gasoline. If you want to consider using any diesel-powered generators, you should choose the enclosed generator system for eliminating this noisy sound. In certain areas in some states, the diesel engines are limited to operate for less than a few hours for reducing the pollution level.



bio diesel

Some generators are going to use biodiesel as their main fuel. This fuel is popular among many homeowners because it is considered as the least flammable fuel source on the market today. It is very easy for you to obtain this fuel around you. This fuel is made from natural and renewable resources, for example, natural animal fats or vegetable oils.

Most biodiesel generators usually have a large storage tank. Therefore, you will need ample space when storing any of these biodiesel-powered generators. You also need to mix the right percentage of oils or fuel when you use this fuel for powering your generators.




This is another common fuel that is used in many generators around the world. Propane is commonly used because it can provide a clean-burning process in the generators. It is also easy for you to store this fuel in small or large storage tanks. Propane generators are preferable because they have a quiet system.

With all of those benefits, propane also brings some risks or disadvantages for people who are using generators regularly. Propane generators usually have complicated fuel system. Therefore, this situation can increase the risk of getting failure in the future. Propane will be dangerous when the lines inside the generators are broken or damaged.


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Those are some common generator fuel types that can be used by many generators today. If you want to choose the best generators with the right fuel types, you can consult with our generator experts. Our specialists have tons of experience and knowledge in helping you choose the best system for your needs. We can recommend the best generators that come with the right fuel types for your home or office.

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