Power Stations in Connecticut and Westchester

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Power Stations in Connecticut

Connecticut is located on hilly terrain between Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay and New York’s Hudson River Valley. This state doesn’t have fossil fuel reserves, but this state has renewable resources. The rivers in Connecticut can provide the whole state with renewable hydroelectric resources for now and the future.

In the southern part of Connecticut, the winds along the shoreline can give moderate wind energy resources. All of these natural resources can give a positive impact on electricity or energy production in this state.

When we are talking about electricity in the state of Connecticut, we will find out that the natural gas and nuclear power are also considered as the most important energy sources for this state. Both resources can supply around 90% of Connecticut’s electricity needs. The Connecticut state has about 2,000-megawatt Millstone nuclear power station.

This power station has two nuclear reactors for supplying about 40% of Connecticut’s net generation. This power station can produce enough electricity for more than 2 million homes. The Millstone power station covers about 500 acres of area in Waterford.

Connecticut also has a coal-fired power plant that is located in Bridgeport Harbor Station. This power station will provide a small amount of electricity for the state. It contributes about 1 – 2% of the total energy required by the whole community in this state. This power station is planned to close in the next few years.

Connecticut state is trying to start some new plants for using renewable resources, such as Biomass, hydroelectric sources, and solar energy. This Biomass can fuel about 40%, solar power can fuel about 35%, and a hydroelectric power plant can power up to 25% of the state’s renewable energy generation.


Power Stations in Westchester County, NY

Westchester County, NY has a facility that can convert waste to energy. This facility is located in Peekskill, NY. This facility can provide dependable and eco-friendly waste disposal from Westchester County. The waste disposal in this area will reach up to 2,200 tons of waste per day from everyday household or business waste for Westchester County. This facility will process any waste from many different types of waste, for example commercial waste, municipal solid waste, and also some other special waste.

This facility is called the Wheelabrator Westchester. In this facility, the local waste can be converted into 60 megawatts of clean and renewable electricity for the local utility. It can support the electrical needs of more than 60,000 New York homes. The facility can also recover up to 12,900 tons of metal from the waste every year.

This power station also partners with some other companies, organizations, schools, and many other parties. The facility can provide green steam to the White Plains Linen and some commercial laundry companies. This partnership is specially created to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels. This is a good example of how the local-energy ecosystem can use waste as the local fuel for creating steam and power for local businesses and homes.

It can reduce the overall use of fossil fuels in the New York area. As part of the commitment to the environment, the employees from the Wheelabrator Westchester also partner with local middle schools. They will empower students to be active as environmental stewards in the local community.

This is the only power plant that is available in Westchester County NY. However, this plant can offer stability in the energy production for all communities in the New York area. It has a reliable energy source for powering any homes or businesses. According to the studies done by this Wheelabrator plant, this facility can save up to 700,000 barrels of oil and 215,000 tons of coal for power every year. This number can show the huge saving that this facility can contribute to the country.

The facility also plays an important role in the metal recycling rate in the area. It will recover some scrap metals, for example steel, iron, aluminum, copper, etc. These metals can be reused by many different companies in the state. This metal recovery and recycling service are very useful to maintain eco-sustainability that is good for the environment in the New York area.

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